You might have to buy a box / dongle…here’s why

Once upon a time, there were many free tools available to we phone & modem fanatics and they worked perfectly. Our Online Training covers a few. Flashing, backing up, unlocking, writing IMEI / fixing NV errors etc were really easy to do provided you knew how to use the available tools. Fast-forward to 2018 and we have much fewer free tools plus the numbers keep dwindling. What happened? Well, improved security features did happen but mostly you and I happened.

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Free projects are getting less sustainable

Over a year ago, a Forum member was complaining about not being able to download a file. In his post, a statement caught my attention:

I suggest you don’t commercialize this forum too much and operate as Xda forum does. Let members donate if they can with minimal ad interruptions. Rather disappointed.

This struck me as he being out of touch with reality. First off, XDA doesn’t rely on donations; if it did then it would have folded up long ago. When last have you donated to a free project if at all you’ve ever donated?

Lets step away from the obvious for a moment and take a look at custom ROMs. We have an insatiable hunger for custom ROMs and more features / updates via custom ROMs but do you think most custom ROM developers make any money from the weeks to months of work they put into them? They don’t make a dime! It breaks my heart when I see noobs insult a custom ROM developer because of some bugs. Some developers have gotten so desperate that they now include Adware in their custom ROMs.

Most developers (who contribute their time to free projects) I know do it for the love of it or as a hobby but businesses outlast hobbies more often than not. You see, free project developers are humans too; they have lives, responsibilities and bills to pay. They’ll eventually have to abandon such projects because thank you meters / star ratings don’t pay the rent when last I checked.

How’s this my fault?

We have far more takers than givers. Even those to whom much has been given don’t want to share. I’ll share a personal experience with you.

Some years back (those years of MTK Droid tools backups), there was one Tecno phone model whose stock rom wasn’t available anywhere online but people were bricking theirs at an alarming rate. We had an entire thread at the Hovatek Forum with several pages of people asking for someone to please upload his/her backup. Being the only ones collecting Tecno stock roms back then (we were the first to begin collecting and currently have the largest online collection), we had to step in.

We were able to gather about 4 people with this same model (but already bricked with different causes of bricking) then combine the files from their phone backups and send to one member who stood the best chance of unbricking using the combined files. The agreement was that he would unbrick his then backup his phone and upload a full backup for many pages of members to use in fixing their phones. After all our uploads and free private step by step support, this 5th member was able to unbrick his phone.

The moment his phone was unbricked, he was elated but suddenly became ‘too tired’ to continue with the backup of his full ROM. After several unsuccessful attempts at contacting him the next day, he asked me to just itemize the backup process that he would follow it ‘once chanced’. This was someone who was on our neck almost every minute when his phone was bricked, he’d suddenly become too busy.

Several days later, I reached out to know if the backup (about 700MB) had been done and when it would be uploaded. It was from one excuse to another; no power, exhausted data (he was willing to download over 2GB if need be just to fix the phone), went for a wedding, Soldiers and Policemen clashed at Oshodi, NASA rescheduled the launch of a satellite, DSTV had taken some channels off the air… I got the message loud and clear, his phone was fixed so we could all go to hell. I was used to people like him online so we continued trying to get a full backup elsewhere.

A few days later, this same fellow called. he was begging and practically crying on the phone. He’d bricked his phone again and this time, it wasn’t even coming on. He needed the full stock rom to fix his phone. Unfortunately – he went on – his PC crashed so he lost the backup he’d made. He was like πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ while I was like πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ then I ended the call. We eventually  got the full backup from someone else.

This is how most of us have become; we want others to do things we wouldn’t do for them. We want free stuff but ask others to pay us at the slightest opportunity…for the same thing.

Why paid projects are flourishing and free ones are dying

You might have noticed that there’s an increasing mention / use of boxes and dongles (or paid software) in phone or modem tutorials these days. This is because we’ve killed off most free projects by ourselves. Brands constantly improve the security of their devices so developers need to keep working hard to keep your favorite tweaks working. What is your team of developers going to tell the internet company or office space owner? “Ermm.. we’re providing free tools and tweaks to people so you should not bill us too”.

We constantly visit a free project’s (which is funded by Ads) website armed to the teeth with Adblockers yet we complain bitterly when the project doesn’t release timely updates. In what universe does that make sense? We’re quick to rate a hardworking project 1 star or dish out insults over minor things which are mostly due to our impatience in following instructions. We want projects to rely on voluntary donations when donating isn’t even in our DNA. A developer rolls out a cheap paid version to support development and we’re game to turn the internet inside out, upside down searching for cracked versions.

These are some reasons why free projects are fast getting abandoned or sold off to investors who’ll eventually bill you for them.

What are boxes / dongles and how do they work?

A box / dongle is a hardware component which some software require to run on your PC. This is an extra layer of security for the developer’s tool against piracy and cracks. What this means is that you’ll need to buy the hardware box / dongle in order to run the developer’s tool.

As I said to a friend a while back, we’re entering the era of boxes and dongles. These teams are able to protect their work and secure a revenue stream, enabling them to integrate features which free tools don’t have.

How reliable are box / dongle cracks

As always, you’ll have those looking to cheat the system by using cracks that don’t require a hardware dongle / box and are therefore free but are these reliable? Not really and here’s why.

  • Crack Teams are adapting too: Crack teams also realize that the ‘free job’ isn’t sustainable as they have bills to pay. Nobody’s going to pay for a crack; after all, the purpose of looking for a crack is to avoid paying in the first place. Which do you think makes more sense, a crack team releasing the tool for free and making nothing or selling the exploit to either the developer (to patch the tool) or a willing buyer?
  • They contain malware: Cracks and virus go hand-in-hand. While some malware might not be malicious towards you, they’re malware all the same. This means malware that can exploit you are now being bundled into these cracks; after all, the hacker needs a reward for his hard work. Ransomware and cryptocurrency miners immediately come to mind.
  • Not all features work: A classic example is the Miracle Box 2.27A. Most of the features don’t work. Check other cracks released after that and its about the same thing. This isn’t  to say that the crack teams haven’t done a good job but to highlight some of the challenges in rolling out free stuff.

Which box / dongle do I need to buy and where can I buy from

Just as flash / unlock tools depend on the device in question, so do boxes. There are many boxes for achieving different things on phones and modems and I will discuss them in a future article. You can place an order for some boxes / dongles here  .



  1. Hey Hovatek, new reader here. I was very late to mobile smart phones, got my first phone in only 2012. Some months back I bought this tool: ;it doesnt have any box but is software only thing.

    PS I tried to get enrolled in hovatek udemy course but was not able to, as I have only debit. Would there be any way to pay through Google Tez?

  2. You are right We have to buy box or dongle . Some people even charge for crack!

    Lets Help each other no mater what! Before even simple instruction post becomes paid!

  3. This article has touched my heart, i happen to have a crack version of miracle box but it’s high time i let go of my pride and purchase it’s box. my crack version isn’t helping. every time i try to run it, it displays an annoying message (access violation at address……..), I’ve Googled all the possible help that there is but all in vain, nothing seems to help. so i think i just need to buy miracle box.
    But that kind article has taught me how much effort you guys put and it’s 100% true, people want to receive but when it comes to giving back, they are selfish.
    thanks Enigma for educating me.

    • The bottom line is that we all be grateful for every helpful thing we find online because someone took time to put it there for us. Same goes to all those who get a helpful solution at forums but never go back to confirm it worked. Those that figure out a solution (while being assisted at forums) but never take a few minutes to drop a hint on how they were able to fix the issue. Those that download several firmware for free but password (and request payment) for the only firmware they ever uploaded. We all need to search ourselves and do what’s right.
      As for Miracle Box, that error has a fix (so far you’d downloaded the loader version and not full setup). If you must buy a box then I suggest you go for Infinity CM2 dongle over Miracle Box.

  4. Hi,
    An excelent article, I`m not a developer, its very true that humans all have the traits, something for nothing, cheap as possible, take but not give, wish to give nothing in return
    Recently got a couple of phones to play with, have little knowledge of phones, but played eith pc for many years, but as an ex engineer, (always have to take things apart) see how it works ! so I just spent a week making bricks, but then turned them back into phones, and that was due to reading information from people like you, who publish information, so I do congratulate you and all those who have tried to provide free services for the many who, through lack of knowledge, destroy what they paid for, then expect it to be fixed, for free.
    A dongle, a box, ads, pay for the product, those that want it should pay, maybe one day the realisation that nothing is free in life might just hit. Perhaps the numbers would reduce dramatically if you introduce a method of payment to enter your site? would that be a great loss, not having to spend time for those who want free, think of the things you could be doing with the gain in time, being paid, by those who realise that free or cheap is not better.
    (note; in my 70s so seen a little of life)

    • Thanks for the input. Some people seem to think eveything on the internet should be free. Have you noticed that news websites are increasingly putting their content behind a pay wall. The days of free stuff on the internet are numbered.

  5. Well said Enigma…..
    The world is full of surprises……
    I wish we all adopt the Sharing spirit…..

  6. I just wonder what I wouldn’t have accomplished for free if not you guys! All my comments and adverts before I eventually won the hoodie were all true because it’s what I’ve gained over the years. Thank you always! Looking forward to the future article and buying the dongle as soon as the need arise

  7. Sir, nice heartfelt article. keep up the good work!

  8. this is a wonderful article…. kudos to you guys @hovatek. most times I just wonder how they take so much time to explain a solution to someone for free. God bless hovatek

  9. Honestly, you made the points; am also quilty of what you said, some crack team will label in their epistle of instructions *Don’t forget to say Thank you* we find it hard to do do.

    Maybe someone need this, Miracle 2.27 crack tools does not bypass Phantom 6.

    I will be be glad if I can get more updates from team hovatek, you guys are the best, your labour of love will not be in vain. Thank you God bless.
    Sonie Jay Techie Work.

  10. Nice and well composed article.

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