Trying to update your Infinix Hot S (X521) to Nougat? Your Build Number matters….as always!

Infinix Hot S X521 Nougat update

Its the season of test Android Nougat (7) OTA updates as promised by Infinix. There’s been the Infinix Zero 4 (X555)Infinix Hot 4 (X557), Note 3 (X601-H536A1) and Note 3 Pro (X601-H537A1) which have received their test Nougat builds and now the Hot S (X521) but only for the A1C1 & E1G1 Build Numbers .

The Infinix Hot S (X521) has several builds as listed at our Infinix stock ROMs / firmware collections thread ranging from the A1, C1, E1, G1 to the I1. If you’re looking to install this Nougat update then ensure your Build Number matches else you could end up with a bricked phone.

Updating Infinix Hot S (X521) to Nougat (Android 7) via SP Flash tool or Tcard

If your Build matches then you can download the update below:

Important things to note before updating your Hot S (X521) to the Nougat test build

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  1. Bro I have Infinix hot s the build number is j5088e1-m-170323v23 I just wanted to ask is my phone compatible for this update.

  2. Hello
    Been following up on this conversation. I have the same build and I am downloading now… To follow up on the instructions. I have a question though, what happens when a phone gets bricked?

    • Well, if you go through the guide carefully, you’ll notice that it emphasizes backing up your current firmware so you can easily revert (unbrick) if the Nougat update bricks your phone.

  3. I have updated mine, I used the scatter file and updated using infinix firmware updater. I previously saved my data as this method formats the phone.
    PS: I installed custom TWRP recovery first. Also, it doesn’t matter your current version as this method installs a fresh version of the OS.

  4. Hi I have the j5088A1 version. What should I do or is ther no update for this model number yey

  5. I download the file and updates it every thing was good but the charging animation when phone is off is not in Other any fixe for that

  6. My infinix hot S goes off any how this days

  7. Please what’s the latest update link for J5088A1 build number? Which should be downloaded? Because I downloaded one of A1C1 which required frequent reinstall on WhatsApp. So please, kindly notify me asap on the latest and bug free update. Thanks.

  8. J5088e1-m-170323v23. What shoud i do or i don’t have update

  9. Hello bro, please my build number is X521-J5088A1-M-170323V15, which one should i download?

  10. My hot s version is j5088a1- m170323v153, I want to update my phone but it says cache not enough pls I should insert SD card to download, will SD card for 4gig be enough to download or update my phone.

  11. Really I don’t know what ota or tcard means, all I just got when I wanted to update my phone system was, cache not enough insert external SD card, what ota t card means I don’t really know

  12. Hello i can’t download the TFCard file on A1C1, it’s out on google term services. Could you reupload it? thanks before

  13. Please how to root infinix hot s after installing nougat update… Thank you

  14. How do I update after downloading the file? i didnt update when beta 1 and 2 was released. I downloaded the file through my pc and copied it to my mem card. i update from local but then it says “the current package is not available…” please heeeelp!

  15. Helo
    I this is my firmware version “X521-J5088A1-M-160712V14”
    i just download the X521-J5088A1C1-N-170505V10 (Scatter) after flashing,
    my Phons is stock at the infinix boot screen

    pls what should i do?

  16. bro’s I have an A1 build no which can should I use

  17. How i update my infinix hot s pro into android nougat 7.0 version my build number is
    If the update is available for my mobile please tell me?

  18. My build no was M1 but i flashed EG nougat firmware. now my phone is not booting at all. what should i do? please help.

  19. Hello, my build number is x521-j5088A1-M-170323V153 which one should i download?

  20. Model Number : Infinix X5211
    Device name : Infinix HOT S
    Android Version : 6.0
    Android Security Patch Level: 1 June 2016
    Build Number : X521_J5088A1-M-160809V38

  21. My build Number is X521-J5088A1-M-170323v153 which should I download???

  22. Please, help me check if my infinix hot s can upgrade to android version 7
    Build number: X521-J5088E1-M-170323V23
    If yes, please send me the link of the exact one to download

  23. Pls I av hot s pro with build number X521-J5086H1-M-161202V7.PLS is there any update for it.

  24. My compilation is x521-j5086d1-m-161202v64 you know if there is update

  25. X521-J5088A1-M-170323V153 is my build number, which update do I use please?

  26. Sir my build number is j5088a1-m-160712v14 pls what can I do???

  27. I recently upgraded my infinix hot s to 7.0
    Please how can I downgrade it back to original 6.0

  28. Please can I update my infinity hot S Pro, this is the Build number X521-J5086H1-M-161202V7

  29. Hi, I’m using infinix hot s but I’m confused on which Update to download.see my build number below

  30. Please I have downloaded the update. After it what next?

  31. I downloaded the T card update for E1. Can you tell me the next steps. Thank you

  32. Please, help me check if my infinix hot s can upgrade to android version 7
    Build number: X521-J5088E1-M-170323V23
    If yes, please send me the link of the exact one to download

  33. Please bros my hot s pro has build x521-J5086H1-m-161202v7, which 7.0 nouget upgrade should I use.?

  34. Using so flash tool, can I until recovery in order to avoid overwriting the twrp I installed just in case I need to roll back? Please respond
    My build is x521 j5088e1-m-161222v23

    • You best flash back your stock recovery if you plan using Tcard. If you’re however updating using SP flash tool then yes, you can untick recovery and flash the rest but there’s a very good chance that the TWRP recovery won’t be compatible with your phone after the update

  35. Mine is J5088A1-M-170323v153 and I don’t knw which one to use so as not to brick my phone

  36. is there and update for X521-J5088A1-M-160712V14

  37. infinx Hot s
    biuld x521-J5088A1-M-170323V153
    may i get update for this one??

  38. My device own is
    Device name: Infinix Hot S
    Model Number: Infinix_X521.
    Build number: X521-J5088A1-M-170323V153

    which of the firmware can i use?

  39. how about mine?
    how to update this build number?

    pls help. tnx

  40. please with the Tcard version should i unzip before proceeding to update or its not neccessary

  41. My device is hot s pro. Build no. Is mentioned below.
    How to update in Noughat??
    Please guide.

  42. Please I have a rooted infinix hot s with build number x521-j5088A1-M-161223V140. Wanna update it to nougat. Which of the updates should I download? Thanks

  43. Bro I have Infinix hot s the build number is J5088C1-M-161228V118,I just wanted to ask is my phone compatible for this update.

  44. Help! X521-J5086H1-M-161202V7 please can I update it to nougat version 7

  45. Help! X521-J5086H1-M-161202V7 please can I update it to nougat version7

  46. I have an infinix X521-J5088E1-M-160323V23 and cant find the software update for android 7.0 for that build number please can you help

  47. I have an Infinix X521-5088AC-N-170602V34. I have updated into Nougat 7. My problem is still same in 6 and 7. Mobile data does not work properly in my phone. But when i make its hotspot and someone use it by wifi on other phone , internet speed is fine on other phone. Kindly suggest how to fix that issue

    • An update doesn’t necessarily mean all issues on your device will be fixed. Your trouble using mobile data might be due to a blacklist / data management app which you have installed. Look through your list of all installed apps

      • Thanks for reply. Sometime its work fine. But when problem appears, after restart mobile many a times, problem resolve. Kindly tell how to check black lise/Data management app?

  48. Can you help me. How to get the build number of my infinix hot s? It was bricked and i cannot open the 0hone to read its build number. Any suggestion? It’ll will be appreciated a lot. Thanks.

  49. Please which of the firmware would be OK for me?
    My model number; infinix_X521
    Build number; X521-J5088A1-M-170323V153

  50. Please my build number is X521-J5088A1-M-170323V153. I haven’t updated to beta 1 or 2.
    Can I still update using t-card or i have to use scatter type.

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