The Infinix Hot 2 X510 March 2016 update ROMDump is now available

Infinix Hot 2 X510 March 2016 OTA update ROMDump

Infinix recently pushed the March 2016 Marshmallow (Android 6) update to the Hot 2 X510 and from the feedback we’ve been getting, this update fixes a number of bugs in the January 2016, February 2016 and 0202 test builds. Team Hovatek has been creating ROMDumps (SP Flash Tool formats) for these OTA updates to make it easier for users to upgrade, revert to stock and unroot. By popular demand, we’ve created a ROMDump for the March 2016 OTA update.

Note: If you encounter NVRAM Warning Err = 0x10 after flashing then fix it using

How to upgrade Infinix Hot 2 to the Android 6 Marshmallow (1, March 2016) X510-D5110-M-Androidone-20160315 build using SP flash tool

Will I be able to install future OTA updates after flashing this ROMDump?

Yes, you will without a problem. The ROMDump is from an unrooted Hot 2 X510 running on stock recovery.

Do I need to install any OTA before I flash this ROMDump?

No, you don’t. You can flash it directly to your Infinix Hot 2 regardless of your current Android version / build.

Hovatek….just a button away!

86 thoughts on “The Infinix Hot 2 X510 March 2016 update ROMDump is now available

  1. Thanks for the update, you guys are doing a great job. I’m currently using a February update and I’ve rooted my phone as per earlier instructions. Will I lose my rooting if I flash with this new ROM? And if I do how do I re-root my phone?

      1. Model number: fire
        Andriod version: 4.4.2 KitKat
        Baseband version: MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V34.P8.2015/04/28 15:20
        Kernel version:3.4.67 [email protected] #1 Wed July 22 15:00:21 CST 2015
        Builder number:_PIMPED_fire-Android4.4-innjoo-20150721-v1
        Hardware version: S01..
        THATS ALL I need CWM recovery for Innjoo fire pls help me port one

    1. its a ROM Dump of a 2GB RAM phone. we’ve not tested it on the 1GB version and don’t expect it to work directly / perfectly

  2. Thanks alot for the upgrade romdump, though i choose firmware upgrade but it completely wipe clean my phone n data, i got all my stuffs backed up so no problem at all. thanks Hovatek

  3. A big thanks to hovatek.. You guys rock, successfully upgraded my hot 2 without a hitch, everything is working perfectly, the only minor issue there is; i can’t seem to find a suitable launcher for it.. Most launchers i downloaded all auto force close and just reverts to the default launcher

  4. am really happy concernin wat hovatek and his ar doin here bravo!…am afraid of doin dis bcos am really new to the terms use although i hv rooted my phone wit d little experience i got from hovatek forum

      1. is there any new romdum 4 infinx cus i saw a new update of 5mb last week… but wen i unroot my fone it take me bk to February security level patch

          1. i flash only d recovery and d boot img and system from d February security patch level. .. dats how i unroot it

          2. That’s because you flashed the February romdump. The last one we created was a March ROM Dump. If you’ve flashed the February build then you’ll need to keep installing the OTAs till you install the latest OTA

          3. ok sir.. .but is hovatec working on d April romdumb… so i should wait so wen its ready i will just flash dat

          4. No we won’t be creating a ROM Dump for it. It’s just 5.5 MB and won’t be worth creating a ROM Dump of almost 1GB.

  5. Thanks to hovatek, you guys rock.
    Guys, is there any noticeable difference between the February and March ROMs?
    I’m not sure if I should switch to he March ROM

  6. Please help me out. I need to upgrade my Innjoo fire 4.4.2 KitKat to 5.1 but it seems innjoo does not have any upgrade of such pls can u help me create a 5.1 lollipop android version upgrade ? PlsPls I’d b grateful av being using d KitKat for a long time

  7. Please there are two android version for infinix hot 2 on their official website, the Android one and the lollipop, I run the Android one on my phone but I want to checkout the other version maybe it supports OTG, gallery and some other features not on the Android one. Is there a mm update for the lollipop version???

      1. I just want ideas before I try it out. Do you think I should continue to run the Android one mm version or I should try out the infinix rom lollipop version?

        Is there a rom dump for the infinix rom lollipop update to mm?

  8. Pls I need help, my 500 GB hard disk won’t display files, keeps saying I need to format. I tried formatting but it won’t format, says unable to format. Pls help me with the formatting. Thanks.

      1. It says I should format disk. I tried formatting but it won’t format. I have tried using different laptops but it won’t format. I just want to format it so I can continue using ma hard disk

  9. Hello running on the latest update ie August but from the feb update all the updates demanded update over wifi only. Any way out if you don’t have wifi access. Can a laptop and modem be used for the job and how? Thanks

      1. Pls hovateK am a big fan of dis site.. You ones told me u guys cant do a romdump 4 infinix hot 2 cus d update are not much, but i beg u pls help us do latest update rOmdump, cus am always stock to d march update every time my fone got brick, and i will start updating from one month to another and b4 1 will download it can use up to a month pls HELP US OUT.. .DO D LATEST ROM DUMP.. LOVE U HOVATEK

          1. Can you pls help us do dis.. ..if it is d last tin u gona do for infinix hot 2, bugs and updates r too much… Pls hovatek

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