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The Infinix Hot 2 X510 February Marshmallow OTA update (SP flash tool format) is now available

Infinix hot 2 x510 android 6 marshmallow february build ota update

A few days ago, Team Hovatek dropped the ROMDump (SP flash tool format) for the Infinix Hot 2 Android 6 Marshmallow (January 1, 2016) X510-D5110-M-Androidone-20160107 build. The February 1, 2016 build is now available (to upgrade OTA, navigate to Settings > About > System updates) and we have also created a ROMDump for it.

Note: This is not an official firmware from Infinix. Team Hovatek dumped the firmware of our copy of the Infinix Hot 2 X510 which had been successfully upgraded to Marshmallow (Android 6.0) OTA.

How to upgrade Infinix Hot 2 to the Android 6 Marshmallow (1, February 2016) X510-D5110-M-Androidone-20160115 build using SP flash tool

Will I be able to install future OTA updates after flashing this ROMDump?

Yes, you will without a problem. The ROMDump is not rooted and runs on stock recovery

Hovatek….just a button away!

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  1. Hello what’s the difference between this and the dump rom you had posted previously.?

  2. Help, after I upgraded via OTA. My contacts name do not appear anymore and d power button responds late when screen timeouts

    • The power button lag after sleep is a bug we noticed in the January Marshmallow build. Have you upgraded to the February build?

  3. Sir, cant we do the update without using PC, eg via recovery mode, updating from SD

  4. I just downloaded the android 6.0 from you and was wondering if it could work on both ram and if I was flashing if it should be download+firmware update and the boxes to tick. Thank you.

  5. If upgrading from lollipop can I just flash this update directly or do I have to flash the first Marshmallow you posted first

  6. My phone already downloaded the ota update but I want to flash the stock lollipop ROM because my phone is rooted and I don’t have much data to re download the ota update so I want to copy it to my pc so that I can flash it after I have flashed the lollipop ROM. So can you direct me to the folder where I can find the marshmallow ota update file on my phone.

  7. I checked the cache folder but i couldnt find it.

  8. I checked I couldn’t find it

  9. Yes the one of marshmallow size is 836.6mb

    • Can i see a screenshot of the system update screen.
      By the way, that looks like the february update which we already created an sp flash tool format for

  10. Please when flashing ROMDump, is step 6 really necessary ?

  11. Hello, after flashing the ROMDump with SP flashtool, my phone boots up completely but is stuck at a blank screen and a small scrolling message at the top saying I should input Privacy protection password to unlock. I have never set privacy protection password before. Even so, tapping on the screen does absolutely nothing and I can only use the emergency call function.

    I then tried to install the January build with the stock recovery only to get the same problem as above. Please what could be the cause of this?
    Note that I have successfully flashed marshmallow on the phone on previous occasions but had to revert to lollipop for some reasons. Please help.

  12. does the power+vol up boot works on it ?

  13. Its causing NVRAM WARNING: Err = 0x10 on the wifi, what can I do to remove that, without rooting the phone if possible

  14. @Hovatek & hot 2 users who are actually

    having an hectic time booting into recovery especially with the marshmallow ROM.

    I’m telling u guys its very possible booting your marshmallow hot 2(February build) into recovery without ADB.

    As usual with button combo power + vol+

    Turn off your phone,hold the vol+ & power button simultaneously,once you see the infinix logo release the power button & tap on the vol+ button 3,4 or 5 times very very fast. I mean VERY VERY fast.

    Bingo you’re on recovery.

    I’m hoping it works for all because that’s what I’m using.

    NB:before complaining make sure your ROM was downloaded from the hovatek link pasted above.

  15. It’s a pleasure boss

  16. Thanks for the update but is there any way to fix the lag in the power button coz its really annoying and I thought the February build would fix the bug in power button

  17. I really appreciate hovatec help..
    Pls I got my fone brick and I flash it bk to 5.1.1 so if I download dis file am going to b fully bk to mashmellow wit out any problem

  18. Should I do d system updates DAT pops up b4 I flash dis ROM.. Or I should just flash dis… Even d update r not downloading

  19. Pls how can I fix dis. Problem… Wen I want to download from play store it will write. (Error receiving information from sever) pls help me

  20. Can u pls add me on WhatsApp. 08163568080

  21. VPN cheat for bblited mtn

  22. I just received a 14mb update on this Rom. I want to update my rom but I am rooted how can I update my Rom

  23. Good morning sir,
    I recently installed the March OTA security update on my infinix hot 2 (x510) and virtually all observed bugs seemed to have disappeared. Now, I have been trying to get MTK Droid tools to recognize my phone so I can ROM Dump but without success. Other phones have been recognised including my HTC One X. Is there any fix to this? Pardon me if I posted on th e wrong forum.

  24. Sorry to bother you again. How do I manually create the scatter file? Using CWM means I have to be rooted. I didn’t intend dumping rooted ROM. Thanks for your help.

  25. After I downloaded the and upgrade to marshmallow, my device is saying I should sign in my account with Google but after I sign in it saying my account doest not recognized pls I need help Asap

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