Tecno L9 Plus receives L9Plus-H8011A-N-170722V393 Bug-fix OTA update

Yesterday, the Tecno L9 Plus received a bug-fix Over-The-Air (OTA) update with Build Number L9Plus-H8011A-N-170722V393 . Before you get excited, this is not a Nougat version update like the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus received since the L9 Plus shipped with Android 7 (Nougat). Tecno just seems to be pushing bug fixes which many hope will lead to the advent of Nougat version updates.

Some features of this L9Plus-H8011A-N-170722V393 OTA update

Added functions:

  1. Merged the Security Patch of 17-06
  2. Added Transfer, Scan Charge and Hi Theme

Fixed issues:

  1. Fixed the issue where the decimal point could not be input when entering the second numerical value with the decimal point
  2. Fixed the issue where the phone was powered off due to the inadvertent touch
  3. Fixed the issue where the wallpaper in the standby in-terface disappeared when cleared the weather data, and tapped the Home button back to the standby interface

Steps to take before installing this Tecno L9 Plus bug fix OTA update

How to install the Tecno L9Plus-H8011A-N-170722V393 OTA update

  • If you got an update notification on your notifications bar then simply slide down and tap the OTA Update notification prompt
  • If you are yet to get an OTA update prompt then navigate to Settings > About > System update and search for an update
  • Tap Download and Install
  • Wait for the update to get downloaded (the update is 735.40 MB in size)
  • Once download is complete, tap Restart & Install
  • Wait while the phone boots into recovery mode and installs the update (DO NOT interrupt)
  • The Tecno L9 Plus should reboot to home screen once the update is completed

How can I rollback this OTA update

If you’d backed up as recommended then simply flash the Miracle Box backup and reboot the phone. If not, download the Tecno L9 Plus stock rom from our Tecno stock roms collection then flash using SP Flash tool. Try to take note of Build Numbers before downloading and flashing

32 thoughts on “Tecno L9 Plus receives L9Plus-H8011A-N-170722V393 Bug-fix OTA update

  1. I have tried to download and install but after Every, a dialogue box appear that error. Check updates and download.

      1. sorry i didn’t take the screen shot. but the message was thus: “unzip error. this package did not pass. check updates and download again”.

  2. C’est vraiment dommage pour Tecno qui n’arrive même pas à mettre en ligne des m.a.j dignes de leur nom pour ses smartphones. Je suis très déçu de ce que vous appelez mise à jour logiciel. J’ai au moins essayé 2fois pour mon nouveau L9 plus pour une mise à jour qui avoisine les 700mb,mais toujours après le téléchargement c’est l échec. Si je savais que ces m.a.j étaient des farces,je n’allais pas acheter ce téléphone, encore moins tenter une mise à jour. J’ai gaspillé des forfaits qui auraient dû m apporter d intérêt.

  3. I have downloaded it even twice but it never install nor reboot..its just wasting my sub….please what can I do about that sir

  4. D update wasted my GB and still did not update
    Now my phone volume is totally gone also no charger charges d techno L9 plus anymore. Can this be as result of update?

  5. II download the update but what I get is error unzipping the package.. Please check and download again.. And I’ve downloaded more than 4times

  6. I rooted my Tecno l9 plus, and later unroot it, now their is a new update for the phone now. But when I try to update it tells me “your phone is already root and ot proceed with OTA update. And when I used root checker to check the root status, it tells me the phone is not properly rooted.

  7. I’ve just finished my update ( L9Plus -H8011A-N-180320V426). Download & installation completed successfully. I’ve enjoyed the below New features;
    1. Added a dot(.) in internet speed icon on my online home screen.
    2. Shown battery %ge on home screen.
    Thax for the update.

  8. please my tecno L9 plus shows cant connect to camera.and also i cant use the flashlight ..for both front and rear camera or flashlights..
    if i upgrade the phone as its available, will it fix the issues,? if not, wat do i do next?
    cuz i have taken it to engineer and he said nothing is wrong with the cameras of flashlights..so it could be a software issue..i need replies please ASAP

    1. Make a backup as scatter file of your phone using Miracle Box.Then you can proceed fo update maybe it will fix your problem

  9. I have downloaded twice, after trying to “Unzip package”, it says *Package error* unzip error, please check the update and download again… After I have spent 1.5gb for the two update… What can I do?

  10. I updated my l9 plus it now runs smooth than before also shows battery % and music player control interface when you swipe finger from top to bottom

  11. please am havong a problem with my l9 plus network, any time i on my data and set it to 3g d service of d phone will be saying no service or emergency….. please any help

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