Tecno Camon CX receives CX-H501DE-N-170510V115 OTA update; here’s how to update yours

A few days ago, the Tecno Camon CX received the CX-H501DE-N-170510V115 bug fix OTA update. The Tecno Camon CX Air had earlier received a similar bug fix OTA update ; the CX Air-H3713A-N-170618V105 HIOS 2.2.0 .

Features of the Tecno Camon CX-H501DE-N-170510V115 OTA update

  • Android 7.0 Version CX-H501DE-N-170510V115 (278.49 MB)
  • Version Update : – Version: CX-H501DE-N-170510V115

Added Functions:

  1. Updated Google Security Patch to 2017-05

Optimized issue:

  1. Optimized the app permission process
  2. Optimized the memory cleaning process
  3. Introduce the power optimization scheme

Fixed issues:

  1. Fixed the stability test issues to improve system stability
  2. Fixed the issue where the phone reported errors when operating contacts after importing lots of contacts From SD card
  3. Fixed the issue where the Gallery occasionally reported errors
  4. Fixed the issue where the Flashlight was easily activated by mistake under Leather case mode


  1. Optimized system stability and performance while Fixing other issues

What to do before installing the CX-H501DE-N-170510V115 OTA update

If you have rooted your Tecno Camon CX then you need to unroot by downloading the Tecno Camon CX stock rom and flashing it using SP Flash tool . Its important you take note of your Tecno Camon CX Android phone’s Build Number and find out the Chipset of your Tecno Camon CX because there are 3 known variants at the moment; MT6750, MT6753 and MT6755 . You can find the firmware for all three at the Hovatek Forum .

Also, ensure you’ve reverted to stock recovery if your phone is running on a custom recovery (like TWRP, CWM & Philz) and your battery is charged above 50% to avoid an interruption during the installation of the update.

How to install the Tecno CX-H501DE-N-170510V115 OTA update

  • If you got an update notification on your notifications bar then simply slide down and tap the OTA Update notification prompt
  • If you are yet to get an OTA update prompt then navigate to Settings > About > System update and search for an update
  • Tap Download and Install
  • Wait for the update to get downloaded (the update is 278.49 MB in size)
  • Once download is complete, tap Restart & Install
  • Wait while the phone boots into recovery mode and installs the update (DO NOT interrupt)
  • The Camon CX should reboot to home screen once the update is completed

How can I roll back or downgrade my Tecno Camon CX after installing this update?

If you find the update buggy, you just don’t like it or you got your phone bricked (stuck in recovery mode) after installing this update then simply download the firmware for your Build Number at our Tecno stock roms collection thread and flash it using SP Flash tool.

60 thoughts on “Tecno Camon CX receives CX-H501DE-N-170510V115 OTA update; here’s how to update yours

  1. I have tried to download this update on my CX but it has failed to download. data is there, i have even tried to restart but nothing

  2. Actually you don’t need to unroot to install this OTA
    Make sure you reflash system.img or just skip if you haven’t deleted system files. You can flash this in TWRP and choose flash image,and also the stock boot both of build CX-H501D1-N-170405V107.And then after the OTA has finished downloading navigate to /data/user/0/com.mediatek.systemupdate/ copy the update.zip to internal or external SD.
    Follow this order
    Copy the update.zip
    Having system.img and boot.img
    Boot TWRP
    Click install,install image choose system.img and restore as system image partition,and boot.img as boot partition.
    Install the update.zip
    After finishing install SuperSU to patch the boot image
    And reboot

  3. Pls i tried installing the update and unfortunately my phone went off and has refused to come on since then. Just showing the tecno logo each time it comes on…plssss help

  4. Please help my camon cx closes any app i minimize i have checked my developer settings and i didnt on anything that off minimized apps.
    Not even my hi manager please help me

  5. Good evening, Pls my tecno canon cx is saying storage full each time I want 2snap and I have just 50pictures on it, but I noticed on storage, system is showing 12gb, what should I do please.

    1. You need to clear phone storage. Go to your Settings > Storage and check how much free storage you have under both Phone and SD card storage

  6. Update failed. Perhaps because of the TWRP recovery. When booting i always get an error message saying my phone cannot be trusted. How do I fix this ? please help me!

  7. Plizz i need assistance.. my camon cx screen is going crazy after update, apps keep opening and closing by themselves, swipes left and right by itself and sometimes stops as if nothing is wrong… now there is an invisible line at the middle of the screen, all apps which are located within that line are not functioning, if you open keyboard, all characters which are located within that line are not functioning….! is this a touch screen problem or digitizer? and if so, why sometimes this problem doesnt show up as if everything is fine…. i didnt crash it in any way…..!!!

  8. Hi
    i have a CX Air
    everytime i download the update (608 mb)
    it finishes downloading then says unzipping error.
    please help.

    1. That’s because the update app is being minimized during the update. The goal is to NOT minimize the update app (while its downloading the update) or even let the phone go to sleep. You could set your Settings > Display > Sleep to 30 minutes and touch the screen at intervals so the display doesn’t go off.
      You must remain on the update app (don’t check any other app) till its done downloading and installing the update

  9. Am thinking of downgrading my phone my camon cx after i upgraded it t new andriod version it started giving me problem 1. Back camera not working anymore 2. Charging is now slow sometime it will charging without pluging charger 3. Flash light not working anymore

  10. Hi my build number is CX-H501DEFG-N-170720v133 and my chipset is MT6750T(which i have not seen on the hovatek page) is there any step by step in installing the OTA update i got which is CX-H501DEFG-N-171109V159

      1. My phone is already rooted. reason am looking to unroot it or how do i go pass the custom recovery as i have twrp custom recovery on it

        1. @jiballs and @admin am kindly requesting on how you successfully rooted your TECNO CX as well as the twrp for the same phone. I successfully unlocked the bootloader. I will be glad wen am assisted. Fb.com/ivanovish28
          Am in Uganda

  11. haaa…i didnt backup the rom before root. i did after root. and my understand is that the stock rom is still intact and only the recovery rom that has been changed to custom recovery. kindly advise

    1. The rom can’t be instact since you’ve already rooted. At least boot.img must have been patched also. Another option is to flash a firmware similar to your Build Number then start installing OTA updates. I would however recommend that you first backup your current firmware in scatter format using Miracle Box @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-13347.html

  12. Hello I have tried to update my phone for the last 2 months now with this latest update but it would just hang at a certain percentage and not complete. Now my phone just switches pages on its own and the screen is sometimes unresponsive. Took it for repairs but the phone is still doing the same thing. Please help phone is just 6 months old

  13. My tecno camon cx hangs and reboots frequently, i thought it was a ram issue but it still happens even when I’m running only one app. my build number is CX-H501DE-N-170620V123.

  14. Pls my tecno CX does not take my commands ,it’s always resetting to default commands, I have to always set my ring tone and my keyboard every time. This started after I installed the new update.

  15. My phone keeps saying you have the latest version when I try to update.but I’m sure I don’t have it cos I actually wanted to upgrade it so I can move apps to mcard.any help pls

  16. Hi this is yafiet my phone says that there is an apdate version 115 but when I go to settings about device the I check if there is an apdate it says that is the latest. What to do. Also I have flashed the philz recovery with fastboot but it shows the stock recovery also in the flashify app says that my recovery is the philz. What to do

  17. I want to unroot my phone, what are the steps please?
    Also I can’t seem to find the stock ROM for my phone. The model is MT6750T with build number Cx-H501DEFG-N-170829V143. Which model’s stock ROM can I use instead?

    1. To unroot, you’ll need to flash the stock rom for your phone model. Its usually best the build of the rom matches your phone. We can help find a matching build or recommend the next closest build you could flash.
      Please, create a new thread at our forum and our forums reps will provide free step by step assistance
      see https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-514.html for how to create a thread

    1. Its not a problem. It means you have an available update. Take note of your current Build Number then update it

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