United Kingdom Investigatory Bill

The Investigatory Powers Bill has been passed by both the House of Lords and House of Commons in the United Kingdom. The only thing left for it to be passed into Law is a Royal Assent (which is very likely to be given). The Investigatory Powers Bill (also called the IP Bill or Snooper’s Charter) has been a heated Read more…

In our previous guide, we treated how to get a free US phone number and easily configure it to ring on any local phone number. If you missed it, see https://journal.hovatek.com/how-to-get-a-free-usa-phone-number-and-configure-it-to-ring-on-your-local-phone-number/ . In this brief guide, we’ll be doing the same for UK. Disclaimer: You are solely responsible for whatever you choose to do with this piece Read more…

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Oke-Afa Isolo,
Lagos, Nigeria.


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