Itel’s recently launched phones; the Itel A12, A51, P12 & P51 …. their prices, full features and specifications

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It’s no longer news that Itel has toned down featuring Spreadtrum chip in their phones in favor of Mediatek chips. It started from the Itel S11 and S31. The Itel 1513 features a Spreadtrum chip and is apparently one of the last Itel Spreadtrum phones we might be seeing; would’ve loved to see an Itel Nougat phone powered by SPD. In my previous Itel post, I took a look at Itel phones with 4G VOLTE support and will be looking at the recently released, launched or announced Itel phones to try get a sense of where Itel is heading (Specs-wise).

Comparison of Itel A12, A51, P12 & P51 specifications

Specs vs Model A12 A51 P12 P51
Android OS  6.0 (Marshmallow)  6.0 (Marshmallow)  6.0 (Marshmallow)  7.0 (Nougat)
Chipset  Spreadtrum SC7731  Spreadtrum SC7731  Spreadtrum SC7731  Mediatek MT6580W
Processor  Quad-core, 1.2 GHz  Quad-core, 1.3 GHz  Quad-core, 1.2 GHz  Quad-core, 1.3 GHz
Dimension  145.5*73.5*9.5 mm  155*77.9*9.0 mm  145*72.9*9.9 mm  155.8*77.5*8.9 mm
Display  5.0” Screen  5.5″ Screen  5.0” Screen  5.5” HD Screen
Resolution  480*854  854*480  480*854  1280*720
Camera  5.0 MP Back : 0.3 MP Front  5.0 MP Back : 2.0 MP Front  5.0 MP Back : 2.0 MP Front  8.0 MP Back : 2.0 MP Front
RAM  512 MB  1 GB  512 (MB)  1 GB
ROM  8 GB  16 GB  8 GB  16 GB
External storage (SD)  Up to 32 GB  Up to 32 GB  Up to 32 GB  Up to 32GB
Battery  2400 mAh  2700 mAh  5000 mAh  5000 mAh
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My Opinion

From the comparison above, Itel is still flirting with the Spreadtrum chipset and I suspect they might not ditch Spreadtrum entirely just yet. Maybe the low end Itel phones will still be powered by Spreadtrum chips (to make them cheap) while mid range phones will be powered by Mediatek chips. We’re yet to see a truly mid range Itel phone let alone a Flagship but Its OK, Itel seems to be after the low end market.

The Itel P51 is Itel’s first Nougat phone. Sadly, only the Android version stands out. The camera doesn’t because we’ve seen similar or better in the Itel 1511, 1518 & 1520 .

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9 comments on “Itel’s recently launched phones; the Itel A12, A51, P12 & P51 …. their prices, full features and specifications


i love this


I jst bought a new itel A12 bt it has been desplaying select Wi-Fi network since yesterday. I don’t even have access to the phone menu or Home page.
pls what should I do.


Have you tried doing a factory reset?


You said itel has toned down spreadturm but what about itel A51 with spreadturm platform


If you take a look at their most recent lineup ( ) then you’ll see that Itel is fast dropping Spreadtrum SoC for Mediatek

joe bobo

thats true,itel dropping spreadtrum to mediatake


They even tried Snapdragon with the Itel S42 so they might be dropping Mediatek later


Please i want to buy itel p51 tommorow
and some people are telling me that the phone don’t last long
am confused, please i need your advice!


by “the phone don’t last long”, did they mean the battery life or theirs developed a fault?


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