Infinix Zero 3 (X552) gets M-170426V52 and XOS v2.2 via OTA update

The Infinix Hot 4 (X557) got a Nougat update recently. Those who’ve updated to the first build have complained of bugs as expected but we expect subsequent updates to fix them. The Infinix Zero 3 (X552) also just received an OTA update, though not Nougat but one its users hope is one step closer to a Nougat update; the X552-H952A1-M-170426V52 build.

Infinix Zero 3 May 2017 OTA Update

As you can see, this update is still a Marshmallow Build Number and is 528.22 MB in size. The Infinix Zero 3 LTE has also received an update from XOS v2.0.0 to XOS Chameleon v2.2.0

Infinix Zero 3 X552 XOS Chameleon v2.2.0

How to update Infinix Zero 3 (X552) to the latest Build

I would also advise you do a Miracle Box dump of your Infinix Zero 3 just incase you run into problems with the update. You first need to ensure your phone isn’t rooted. If it is then unroot your Infinix Zero 3 X552.  Once these are done then head to Settings > About > System Update and search for an update. If you get a message saying your version is the latest then you’ll need to exercise some patience or look for an SP Flash Tool flashable format of this update



  1. facebook user is kingefe kingefe

    mine is not rooted, but wen is updating, it show system error…
    plss I need help from any body plss infinix zero 3 (3gb ram 16gb internal storage and 4g network) plss

  2. please my zero 3 is updated to chameleon v2.2 but android version 6.0
    any update to 6.1 or more

  3. Please I need the XOS Chameleon v2.2.0 file for my infinix zore 3 x552 bulid number H952A1-M am not getting it on my phone

    • The or scatter format isn’t yet available.
      Have you tried searching for an update under Settings > About?

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