Infinix rolls out the Infinix Zero 4 Plus Android 7.1.1-XOSv2.1.0 Version X602-H972AC-N-170606V48 official OTA update

A few hours ago, the Infinix Zero 4 Plus (X602) received the official Android Nougat update Over The Air (OTA).  You would recall that the Infinix Hot 4 (X557) had -last week- received its own official Android Nougat OTA update also.

Features of the Infinix Zero 4 Plus (X602) Android 7.1.1-XOSv2.1.0 X602-H972AC-N-170606V48 official OTA update

Fixed issues:

  1. Fixed partial camera issues to improve camera stability
  2. Fixed the compatibility issues in some third-party software

Optimized issue:

  1. Brand new Music 2.0 optimized the interface display
  2. Merged lucid power saving algorithm to support more lasting standby
  3. Optimized the focusing effect to improve the success rate
  4. Optimized the camera effects to improve shooting experience
  5. Added power saving algorithm to extend battery life

Added functions:

  1. Updated system version from Android M to Android N
  2. Supported split screen for partial apps by long pressing Recent button
  3. Brand new pulldown shortcuts bar ro make operations more convenient
  4. Added horizontal swipe to change wallpapers in Magazine lockscreen interface
  5. Auto-centered the icons in the Dock bar; moved multi-select icons in batch under the desktop edition status
  6. Added Security shutdown mode when long pressing power button to shut down the phone


  1. Optimized system stability and performance while fixing other issues

What to do before installing the Infinix Zero 4 Plus (X602) official Android Nougat update

How to install the official Infinix Zero 4 Plus (X602) Android Nougat OTA update

  • If you got an update notification on your notifications bar then simply slide down and tap the OTA Update notification prompt
  • If you are yet to get an OTA update prompt then navigate to Settings > About > System update and search for an update
  • Tap Download and Install
  • Wait for the update to get downloaded (the update is 1760.01 MB in size)
  • Once download is complete, tap Restart & Install
  • Wait while the phone boots into recovery mode and installs the update (DO NOT interrupt)
  • The Zero 4 Plus should reboot to home screen once the update is completed

Infinix Zero 4 Plus successfully updated to Nougat

This update bricked my Zero 4 Plus / I don’t like the update because it has bugs

In such a case, you would need to downgrade your Android firmware. Download the Marshmallow firmware from the Hovatek Forum then follow the Mediatek firmware downgrade guide

I’m getting a black screen with a Yellow triangle when I try to update

Consider using the SP Flash tool version or the Tcard version


  1. Hallo Master, I need stock ROM for X602-H972A1C1-M-ID-SKD-170417V7 . please give me download link. Thank’s a lot.

  2. After update…. The screen get black for 15 ms until now…. What can I do?

  3. hello, my infinix zero 4 plus didn’t get any updates download notification until now, i have checking and still get message ” your system in the latest version”, and its marsmallow. please give me advice. thank you

  4. hello.why I can not find the “voice input” function in the new version of zero 4 +?

  5. hello the solution is that before installing the update you have to keep the phone into the charger even if it’s chargered enough. I’ve tried it and it work

  6. HI Hovatek. I see you never really answered the question on what to do after installing the update. When download finishes, our phones would usually ask that we click to install. After we click this, It goes blank and never comes back up. if we put it on manually, you see a red triangle telling you there has been an error. Reboot manually again and you just go back to marshmallow. What do we do?

  7. You’re talking about the “truecaller” application, does that mean that the functionality I’m asking no longer exists?

  8. I do not know if you understand me. In general, it blocked all the numbers registered name but after this blocking I want a signal that will not appear in the official journal but elsewhere and encrypted by a code of which I will be the only one Decoded.If this is no longer possible is that I can only retrograde the xmanager application? I will sincerely appreciate version 7.1.1 as the old version if I did not have this problem that I ask you.I am Waiting for a reply.

  9. With the old version when I block the harassment and a blocked number meapel I also see the signal and I have the free choice to call back later.but this signal does not appear in the newspaper of apel nor in my Messaging if this is a message. I find everything in xmanager or with the call blocking I do not even see the signal of a blocked call or the signal of a blocked message.

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