Infinix Note 4, Note 4 Pro & Zero 5 to receive Android Oreo OTA updates

Shortly after Itel India announced that it’ll be launching Android Oreo (Go Edition) phones later this year, Infinix India also announced that the Infinix Note 4 (32+3), Note 4 Pro and Zero 5 will be getting Android 7 (Nougat) to Android 8 (Oreo) updates Over The Air (OTA). Recall that:

  • Infinix Note 4 is also known as X572
  • Infinix Note 4 Pro is also known as X571
  • Infinix Zero 5 is also known as X603

Here’s the announcement by an Administrator at the Infinix Forum (Eric-lisw):

Dear lovely Infinix India fans

Infinix is always aiming to provide the best software service for India fans .
We believe with our slogan
Tech bold and stylish
We can really create a great brand together with India fans love
We believe from zero to hero

Here we are proudly to anaunce the pipe line of Infinix devices :

Note4 32+3 April N to O
NOTE4 PRO May N to O
ZERO5 August N to O

Pls kindly be patient for the updating

Android Oreo update this April 2018

According to this announcement, the Infinix Note 4 X572 (32+2) will be the first to receive this update as early as next month. For those who don’t know what “32+2” means, it means¬†the variant which has 32 GB ROM (internal storage) and 3 GB RAM. Since this seems to be a variants-specific update, not all Note 4s might be eligible for this update. Whether or not this will be the case, only time will tell.

Compared to Tecno and Itel, Infinix has been quite consistent in releasing updates and should be the brand (of the three) to patronize if you hope to get updates. Tecno’s only 2 version updates (Tecno C8 and Phantom 6 Plus) were a disaster and they never released similar updates for any other model contrary to what they promised. They’re yet to even get bug fix updates right like you would see on the recent Tecno CX update.

Itel -to the best of my knowledge- has never released a version update but i’m optimistic that this might change with Android Oreo (Go Edition) they plan to feature on some of their future lineups.

How to prepare for this OTA update

If you own one these models then here are some tips to help you prepare for this update:

  • Take note of your phone’s present Build Number as this tells you which variant yours is in case it gets bricked during or after updating. We already have a guide on how to check your Build Number so follow it
  • If you have rooted your phone then ensure to unroot it because installing an OTA update on a rooted phone will most likely brick it
  • If you have flashed a custom recovery or modified any other partition like boot or system then ensure to flash back that partition from a stock rom / firmware for your Infinix phone‘s Build Number
  • If you can’t find and download a firmware for your exact build number then backup your phone’s firmware in case you find the update too buggy or it bricks your phone. Checkout our Miracle Box and WWR tool guides or use a Chinese Box / Dongle if you have one.

22 thoughts on “Infinix Note 4, Note 4 Pro & Zero 5 to receive Android Oreo OTA updates

  1. Hi, my phone was updated to Oreo yesterday but today I can’t use my phone anymore. It is stuck in XOS logo and won’t go to homepage. Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.

    1. Give it a couple of minutes.
      By the way, was your phone rooted before you installed the update and did you take note of your Build Number?

  2. I did a factory reset to my phone and unfortunately lost the update notification after resetting,, what can I do to get it back?

  3. I did a factory reset to my phone and unfortunately lost the update notification after resetting,, what can I do to get it back?

    1. Its gone and you’ll need to re-download the update. If your phone is rooted then search /data/data for an (I doubt you’ll find any)

    1. Did you receive this OTA update or are just looking for it? If you received it please share screenshots of your Settings > About > Build Number

    1. If you don’t have an update under Settings > About > System update then it hasn’t been rolled out for your device

  4. Pls, the infinix mobility management. Kindly resend an android Oreo 8.1 update to my infinix note 4 (32-2). I got it initially but I lost it bcos i didn’t know the purpose when I received it..

  5. i got a x571 (32+3) but there is still no update, i did the update on my x572 but it broke so i bought a new one (the current x571) i saw the update and downloaded it but it’s still nougat and it says that the system is up to date

  6. Hi.
    I am using infinix zero 5. I want to know that is this device version oreo has been updated. Version like 8 or 8.1 something. I am in pakistan.

  7. All most August month has been finished but Oreo update didn’t receive in Infinix Zero 5.

    Can we get this update before world will finish?

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