Infinix Hot 4 (X557) receives Android 7.0-XOS v2.2 Version X557-H807AD-N-170626V86 official OTA Update

Infinix Hot 4 (X557) official Nougat update OTA update

A few hours ago, Infinix pushed the official Hot 4 (X557) Nougat OTA Update to Infinix Hot 4 devices. About 2 months ago, We’d announced a Hot 4 Nougat Beta update which requires installation via SP Flash Tool or Stock recovery (Tcard version). With this particular update, you can update your Infinix Hot 4 to Nougat (using) Over The Air (OTA) update.

Features of the Infinix Hot 4 X557-H807AD-N-170626V86 official Nougat OTA Update

A Note from Infinix:

Dear users, this update Will provide you with the experience of the nougat. More convenient features,more attractive visual .Welcome you guys upgrade to try

Optimized issue:

  • Brand new Music 2.0, optimized the interface display
  • XOS v2.2

Added Functions:

  1. Updated system version from Android M to Android N
  2. Supported Split screen for partial apps by long pressing Recent button
  3. Brand new pulldown shortcuts bar to make operations more convenient
  4. Added horizontal swipe to change wallpapers in Magazine lockscreen interface
  5. Auto-centered the icons in Dock bar; moved multi-select icons in batch under the desktop edition status


  1. Optimized system stability and performance while fixing other issues.
  2. Visit the XCLUB forum for more information.
  3. Caution! This update may crash rooted devices.
  4. Please plug in charger to OTA upgrade when power is lower than 30%.

What to do before installing the Infinix Hot 4 (X557) official Nougat OTA update

Some of those who upgraded to Nougat using Tcard or SP Flash tool on the Beta build complained of bugs. Hopefully, all that is fixed since its out of Beta but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some precautions:

How to install or upgrade to the Infinix Hot 4 (X557) official Nougat OTA update

  • If you got an update notification on your notifications bar then simply slide down and tap the OTA Update notification prompt
  • If you are yet to get an OTA update prompt then navigate to Settings > About > System update and search for an update
  • Tap Download and Install
  • Wait for the update to get downloaded (the update is 1479.74 MB in size)
  • Once download is complete, tap Restart & Install
  • Wait while the phone boots into recovery mode and installs the update (DO NOT interrupt)
  • The Hot 4 should reboot to home screen once the update is completed

My Infinix Hot 4 is bricked or stuck in recovery mode (no command) after installing the OTA update

In such a case, you’ll need to download Infinix Hot 4 (X557) stock ROM then flash it using SP Flash tool. Ensure to download a firmware for your Build.

I dont like this Nougat, how can I downgrade or revert to Android 6 (Marshmallow)?

You’ll need to first download the Nougat firmware from the Hovatek Forum then follow the Mediatek firmware downgrade guide

Comments (51)

  1. does this fix the shutter lag that causes my phone to take dark photos ?

  2. Please can we get links to download this update, preferably for Sp flash tool

  3. I upgrade my phone too but d screen brightness is high an unclear unlike my normal version 6 pls cn u help. Why?

  4. Please i try updating by downloading the OTA update but all keep getting is package error please check updates and try.

    I have successfully downloaded it three times with the same error

  5. my phone keeps saying cache not enough, whether to switch to an external SD card to download.. but my SD card has about 3GB free space and my internal has about 2Gb.. how do i go about the download??

  6. My phone turns off every night while I’m at sleep. Why is that so?

    • What is the phone’s current Build Number? Also, does the battery get drained by morning when you wake up or you usually still have some charge left

  7. I have over 3gb on internal storage and 3.2on sd card .. yet it keeps saying I need to clear storage

  8. am also facing the d same thing as well cos have downloaded mine for like for times now but it keep saying package error that i should check my network and try again. am really tired of this o

  9. Hovatek should pls provide an SP flash tool format of this update


    this update setup from sd card

  11. Please i try updating by downloading the OTA update but after downloading it told me package error please check updates and try again.
    I have successfully downloaded it two times with the same error
    Please what should I do. I really need help please help.

  12. yes I do minimize the update application to use another application and its normal for the screen to sleep on its own or else the battery run downs before the download is complete

    • Don’t interrupt the OTA update while it’s downloading. Also make sure you have enough data bundles or WiFi to download the OTA update before you begin downloading. Do not let the screen sleep while downloading and don’t use other applications. You can set your screen to stay awake for 30 minutes by going to settings then display.

      If you do this it should solve your problem. The most important thing is to make sure you have enough WiFi or data bundles before you begin downloading the OTA update.

  13. yes I do minimize the update application to use another application and its normal for the screen to sleep on its own or else the battery run downs before the download is complete,so please what’s the solution

  14. If I open any Application which is ever open in back end after latest upgrade infinix hot 4. I also restart but no effect. Plz Help

  15. please hope the update didn’t have effect on the battery and the ram, because most especially it do affect the ram and the battery life. pls I need urgent reply

    • You’ll have to install the update to find out. Although there’s not been much complaints about this, some bugs might surface on one person’s phone (same model same update) but not on another.

    • After last update camera performance is down. can you help for improvement.


  16. Do I need to root my Infinix Hot 4 before I get the Android 7 Nougat update because system update functionality keeps repeating it’s up to date.

    • No, you shouldn’t even root.
      Its possible the update wasn’t pushed for your Build or region

      • I got the update notification already and I successfully downloaded the 1.5gb update which I’m about to install. Is there a location where this update downloaded to? Just in case I formatted or needed the upgrade in the future for the same phone so I’ll just install from that location (local). I’ll like to copy and save it somewhere else if it’s possible before installing. Thanks.

  17. Please i need upgrade for infinix hot 4 lite

  18. after upgrading my infinix hot 4, there is red boarder line which normally appears and disappear, how can I fix it

  19. Here are my questions.
    1. How do i know if my device is rooted? Caution says update may crash rooted devices… I use a hot 5.
    2. How should I go about the update? The notification has been on my phone for weeks but I’m scared I may damage the phone cos of the caution raised.

    • 1. Install Root checker apk
      2. Take note of your Build Number and backup your firmware (these are incase the update is buggy or bricks your phone)

  20. here is my build number X557-H807BE-M-180306V211 it an hot 4 lite that i want to upgrade to 7.0 can it work? please i need your reply asaP

    • This update is for Hot 4 not Hot 4 Lite. I’m not quite sure Lite got the Nougat update but you could check Settings > About > System updates

  21. where can i find the downloaded update??

  22. how do i update my hot 4 lite to nougat update

  23. Sir please announce new version of infinix hot4

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