Infinix Hot 4 (X557) gets Android 7 (Nougat) update, here’s how you can update yours using Tcard or SP Flash Tool

The Infinix Hot 4 (X557) has received an Android 7.0 (Nougat) update. If you wish to update your Hot 4 from Marshmallow (Android 6) to Nougat (Android 7) then here’s a checklist before you go ahead:

  1. Check your phone’s current Build Number under Settings > About > Build Number and write it somewhere safe; you might need it later
  2. If you have rooted your Infinix Hot 4 then ensure to unroot your Infinix Hot 4 because installing an OTA update zip on a rooted phone could brick it. This however doesn’t apply if you’re updating via SP Flash Tool
  3. If your Infinix Hot 4 is running on a custom recovery then ensure to flash back the stock recovery
  4. If you can’t find the Infinix Hot 4 firmware for your Build Number then it would be wise to dump your firmware in scatter format using Miracle Box so you can easily rollback to your previous firmware / build incase the update is buggy or not fully compatible with your build

How to update the Infinix Hot 4 (X557) using Tcard

Updating your Hot 4 via Tcard requires that you first download the Infinix Hot 4 (X557) Nougat Tcard zip (X557-H807A1D1-N_Tcard_update_170426V18). Once done:

  • Copy the Tcard zip to both the phone storage and SD card
  • Boot the Infinix Hot 4 into recovery mode
  • In stock recovery, you use Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to select
  • Tap Apply update from SD card
  • Navigate to the Tcard update zip and select it
  • If prompted, tap Yes to confirm
  • Reboot the phone

How to update the Infinix Hot 4 (X557) using SP Flash Tool

To update your Infinix Hot 4 to Nougat using SP Flash Tool, download the Infinix Hot 4 (X557) Nougat SP Flash Tool update (X557-H807A1D1-N-170426V18) then flash it using SP Flash Tool.

Help! My Infinix Hot 4 is bricked! It got stuck in recovery mode after I installed the OTA update, what do I do?

Its quite possible your Infinix Hot 4 was rooted before you installed the OTA update. You simply need to flash back your stock system.img. See this guide on how to fix an MTK Android phone bricked after an OTA update

96 thoughts on “Infinix Hot 4 (X557) gets Android 7 (Nougat) update, here’s how you can update yours using Tcard or SP Flash Tool

    1. Hello … Please help me to wake up my Infinity Hot 4 lite, I tried to do an update when trying to install the Naugat 7.0 and my phone not responds again. It seems that I have deleted everything in the the phone’s memory, even the Preload and the boot Loader. Please help me to resolve this problem that affects me seriously….
      Thanks in advance.

  1. am using infinix hot 4 and I got OTA update on 10th June 2017, after updating my phone is still running on Android 6.0 so how can I get android 7 or 8

  2. Please i need help..
    Which update is greater

    X557-H807AD-M-170524V251 {this is my current build number}

  3. please help me get Nougat I have tried to download the Tcard zip image one from the link provided above but it always redirect me to a useless page . so please help me to get an a authentic link or better still if you could place the Tcard zip image at drop box or google one drive so I can go and download it from there please do something about it for me. Thanks

      1. Okay how can I have mine I want to upgrade it to 7.0 that is what I want please can you give me a link where I will find my build number because if I even search it on Google it dose no come out but sometimes I see other once what will I do please..

  4. X557-H807B1E1-M-170405V166 (this is my recent infinix build number)
    Will the new OTA work for my device? Thanks.

          1. I just downgraded my phone today…
            My phone keep hanging after I upgraded to 7.0
            My experience with 7.0 was bad

    1. If you use Tcard update then that shouldn’t happen. If you use SP Flash tool then ensure to untick userdata.
      Its important you backup first as the guide instructs

  5. How do you flash it,using the flash tool. Please am somehow lost here, please help me. I need these update because I have downloaded severally and it was wasted.

  6. Please I downloaded the tcard and on installation it showed an error stating that the upgrade(may 3), cannot replace my current version(may 23).Pls what do I do?Is this version of tcard reading…. V32,the same with the one reading V44?pls I want help but I don’t have system for so flash tool…

    1. The version on your phone is higher than that of the Tcard so the Tcard is outdated compared to what your phone is running on. That’s why you can’t install it.
      V44 is higher than V32. Don’t forget that what’s listed above in the guide is the Beta version (first version released). Updates have since been pushed to the phone OTA

  7. Is advisable to download the V44 since the V32 Tcard is less than the one my phone runs on.Do you think the V44 is suitable. Please help for I have wasted money downloading more than three times but no installation.

      1. My phone’s current build number is X557-H807AD-M-170524V251.Please,I appreciate ur kind support. Help me!

  8. i also can’t install the update my phone build number is X557-H807AD-M-170524V251 where can i download the version 44

  9. I successfully installed android 7.0 to my phone hot 4 but I didn’t jot the previous build number will any problem rise later but my phone works well

    1. The purpose of noting your Build Number is incase you need to flash back a compatible firmware when the phone gets bricked or begins malfunctioning. Forgetting to take note of it doesn’t mean anything will happen.

  10. I recently upgraded my hot 4 to the android 7 version and everything was good except for the fact that it auto kills my app (i mean afta a period of time all app force closes and wont get any notification until i re open it,e.g whatsapp). Out of frustration i took it to a guy that repairs fone and asked him to downgrade it for me and since then, my fingerprint scanner hardly detects any finger at all. I cant even set up any one at all and the only one i managed to set up hardly opens the fone. I didn’t know i was to write the old build number till i came across this site so i don’t even know the old one.

    Please what do you advise i do? Download the nougat version again and continue managing like that? Is there anyway to stop the auto killing of apps on the nougat version?
    Please help me……,,

      1. Current build number: X557-H807-A1-M-160815V57.

        Nougat Build Number: X557-H807AD-N-170626V86.

        Is there anyway to stop the auto killing of apps on the nougat version? If Yes, Please tell me.

  11. pls have upgrade to the OS 7.0 on my hot 4 but am unable to exit my minimize app. what can i do to exit minimize app ?

  12. Please is it advisable for me to upgrade my hot 4 lite to 7.0 nougat? Am kinda scared of malfunctioning after upgrade.this is my current build number X557-H807BE-M-170524V173

    1. While its recommended you update because of security patches and bug fixes, you should realize that OTA updates might have some bugs which will hopefully get fixed in future OTA updates. Just ensure to dump your current firmware -as instructed in the guide- so you have a fallback backup

    1. You’ll need to retry. This time around, do not minimize the update app till download is done. That means you won’t be switching to or using any other app

  13. Pls the OTA sent to me is (1479mb)and the link above is around ( 1.37g)hope there is no any problem by following that link own……or maybe it wouldn’t work well for me?please i need your help before i proceed

  14. I am such a lover of OS Nougat, but sadly my infinix hot 4 lite has not been prompted to upgrade the operating system through OTA, i have searched many times and it keeps saying my OS is up to date. Please is infinix hot 4 lite compatible with Nougat?

  15. I’m having difficulties updating using the TF card.. What update will be suitable for this build number: H807A1D1-M-161123V168 because i have download alot of TF card but still not working for my hot 4…T-Card-X557-H807A1D1-N-170426V18,T-Card-X557-H807A1D1-N-170503V32 or T-Card-X557-H807AD-N-170512V44..Also is it good to delete current update from phone when u copy it on the sd card before update..I need help please I’m really frustrated…

      1. Please do u think updating with The Sp flash tool is safe and convenient for my X557,,,I don’t want to brick my phone through this process..

  16. Thanks very much, I was able to update my hot4 X557 but I didn’t load it from recovery mode. What I did is that, I load it from the update session on the phone.

  17. Hello
    Just I Wanna know if Android nougat is available to my phone infinix hot 4 Lite which build number is ‏x557-H807BE-M-170524V173 and what happened if i install Android 7 which belongs to hot 4 is it could be crash my phone?!!
    Thx alot

  18. hello please I have difficulties with my infinix hot4 lite after installing the ROM the screen of my infinix remains all black but when I want again spewed the ROM it does not pass because the computer tells me that the smartphone turns on and off only really I have yours help

  19. Hello i have flashed my infinix hot 4 X557 whith a wrong file and now my fone don’t boot up but still react in sp flashtool.i don’t know my previous build number but on the card inside the fone it is mark H807_SUB_PCB_1_V1.1 ! which firmware should i use to restore it pleasse??

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