Infinix begins rolling out new (official) Note 4 Oreo OTA update in batches

Over a month after the dreadful Note 4 Android Oreo OTA update (X572-H5312AD-O-180203V85), Infinix is giving the update another try. The last update (beta) was so buggy that pushing had to be paused and most of those who had upgraded had to downgrade.
A few minutes ago, Conan.Chen (an Administrator at the official Infinix forum) announced that they have resumed pushing Android 8 Oreo OTA updates to the Infinix X572 Note 4. According to the announcement, this update includes some bug fixes

Features of the official Infinix Note 4 X572 Oreo update

Feature & App update

  • Add scrollshot feature.
  • Update Palmchat app.

System optimization

  • Optimized system performance.

Issues fixed

  • Fixed stuck at XOS logo screen issue.
  • Fixed stuck at setup wizard screen issue.
  • Fixed Bluetooth occasionally can’t switch on/off problem.
  • Solved some translation mistakes.
  • Update GPRS parameter list.

The screen recorder is not included in this update.

Of all the feedback I received from those who had installed the March 2018 Oreo update (beta test), only one was positive. Its understandable that users be hesitant to install this new update because they’re still in shock and now have a heightened sense of doubt for Infinix updates.

To install, head over to Settings > About > System update. If you’ve not received it yet then you’ll have to exercise some patience. For the gladiators that go ahead to install this new update, I sure would like to hear from you.

Have you installed this new Infinix Note 4 Oreo update? How stable is it compared to the previous?



  1. Am having same issue,the build number is X572-H5312AD-O-181016V174 please how do I downgrade it

  2. Good day guys, after I did upgrade on my infinix not 4 I noticed a lot of changes like , the ba3 drains faster, charging is slow, no more music player, hotspot can’t come on, pls guys what do you suggest I do?

  3. Please Enigma I want to root my infinix zero 5.

  4. After few weeks of releasing the infinix note 4 Oreo update X572-H5312AD-O-180503V139, the Note 4 received another update for stability and added functionality with the release of X572-H5312AD-O-180531V142. With this update, of about 382mb, the Oreo is more stable now with face unlock capability and other bugs fixed. The only issue am having is the double tap to wake is does not work every time, I font know why its having issue, apart from that, every other thing is stable. Its worth checking out.

  5. Please see how you will update the v1.2, I tried the 8.0 and 8.1 option but none worked for Oreo, but when I tried 8.1g for go edition, it worked. thanks again

  6. I have tried the TWRP v1.2, it didn’t work for me, it just stopped at boot logo for sometime and rebooted to system.

  7. Miracle Box 2.27A error after the Oreo update are,
    1: (PLUG WITHOUT HOLDING ANY BUTTON): if I plug the Note 4 with the new Oreo Update X572-H5312AD-O-180503V139 without holding the volume up button, the miracle box will display the following error
    Set PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM9)
    Please Hold “ON” to connect with the phone…..
    >>Unstable comport
    the phone will restart and the miracle box will crash

    2: (PLUG WITH HOLDING VOLUME UP BUTTON): If I Plug the Note 4 with the new Oreo update X572-H5312AD-O-180503V139 while holding the volume up, the miracle box will dictate the phone and try to connect but the following error will pop up
    Set USB Serial Device (COM7)
    Please Hold “ON” to connect with the phone….
    Connected to Phone.
    CPU: MT6753 SW:0000 Ver: CA00
    Downloading Boot8…
    the blue bar at the bottom of the miracle box will appear but the miracle box will crash but the phone wont restart

  8. Infinix has definitely updated their early release on X572-H5312AD-O-180503V139 for Note 4, it is more stable, no issue with SP flash tools, the double tap to wake is working fine, Users are free to upgrade now without fear of anything, its running smoothly.

  9. This May update still has bugs like the previous, it has serious issue with flash tools in case you want to downgrade, it still has bug related to double tap to wake, it has bug related to task killer,apps added to white list are still been terminated during cleanup, I don’t think the PIP works, and so many, I was forced to downgrade again to Nougat rom

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