How to use external SD card as Adoptable Storage in Android

A number of Marshmallow (Android 6) and above users have complained of insufficient / low storage space for installing applications despite having much unused space on their SD card. This brief guide will teach you how to easily convert those several free Gigabytes on your external SanDisk card to Internal Storage.

How can I convert / use my SD card as Internal Storage on my Android Marshmallow phone?

1. Switch off the phone, insert the SD card you wish to use as internal storage then boot up the phone. You should get a notification that a new SD card has been detected (Click here for what to do if you did not get a notification prompt); double tap the notification

how to use sandisk card as internal storage on Android Mediatek MTK Marshmallow

2. Tick Use as internal storage then tap Next

How to use a sanDisk card as internal storage on Marshmallow

3. Tap Erase & format (ensure to have backed up important stuff on it)

convert sd card to internal storage on Android

4. Wait while the SD card gets formatted

how to expand internal storage on a Marshmallow Android phone

5. Tick Move now or Move later depending on when you wish to move media files from the internal storage to the newly prepared SD card then tap Next

increasing internal storage space on An android phone easy method

6. Tap Done

increasing internal storage on Android phone by using free space on SD card

I did not get a notification after inserting SD card, what do I do

1. Navigate to Settings > Storage and tap the SD card (portable storage)

How to enable adoptable storage on android format as internal

2. Tap the Menu at the top right and select Storage settings

Android storage settings adoptable storage

3. Tap Formal as internal

Android format as internal

Hovatek….just a button away!

60 thoughts on “How to use external SD card as Adoptable Storage in Android

  1. This cant work on Tecno C8 ooooooooo…..running Android 6.0….and i really wush i can use my sd card as my installation storage

      1. How please cause I want to download a movie and. I want it to save and I have 7.4gb free but I don’t know how to use it

  2. Boss can the memory card be used on another phone because I heard that if you format as internal cannot be used on another devices

      1. With HIOS, pls do write d full steps on how to use root + lucky patcher + Link2SD in order to move apps to SD card so that we can gain access to it. Thank you.

  3. Sd card is not working as internal memory on my itel s11. I tried d step u put online pls he can I use SD card 4 internal memory

  4. bro @hovatek
    my phone pro is dat d video on memory card will not display on my video player app and all file playing video until I go into xender app to play it

  5. sir plz I am using itel s11 Android 6.0 but it’s still not showing that sign. I have donated my phone more than two times still it’s not working pls sir what will I do to it

      1. I’ve formatted the sd card of the itel s11. it doesn’t show the option for format as internal, just format only.. I’ve formatted it but it still has the same issue. i can’t install/move apps to sd card

        1. What’s your phone’s Android version?
          Note that not all Marshmallow and above devices support Adoptable Storage

  6. I can’t use my SD card as internal memory on Tecno Camon CX. I only have “use as portable storage” on the option.
    Kindly help as my phone internal memory already full please

  7. My 16gb cant play videos on my phone camon cx and when i snap pictures it wont show it will be saying no thumbnail found whats the problem my sd card is new so why

  8. please help with this.
    I wanted to change the SD card i use but the phone no longer give me the option to use SD card as internal storage. It only gives use as portable device.

    Please what can i do?

  9. Hello
    ..thanks for the help but my infinix hot phone isn’t giving me options to change my SD card to default storage what can I do

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