How to upgrade Tecno Camon C8 to HIOS

HIOS for Tecno C8 download

Tecno recently launched the HIOS which is its official User Interface (UI), just like Infinix has XUI. At the moment, HIOS is available for only the Tecno Boom J8 and Camon C8.

Features of the Tecno HIOS UI

  • Quick Camera Activation

    : To activate Camera from a locked screen, you simply slide the icon upwards and it turns into camera page

  • Easy Wallpaper Swipe

    : Tap the wallpaper icon on your screen and it automatically changes to a different type

  • Simple App Manager

    : Move your Apps easily by dragging them to the position/ page you want on the screen

  • Personalized Photo Assistant

    : No need for makeup or Photoshop with the portrait app

  • Track Memory Usage

    : Monitor your RAM usage

  • Hi-Theme

    : Several kinds of Hi-Themes are at your finger tips

  • Hi-Fonts

    : Choose the fonts to express your individuality

  • Hi-Manager

    : Your phone manager, from cleaning your mobile track to blocking harassment phone call and messages

  • Smart Dial

  • Pop Incoming Call

    : Answer calls without having to minimize what you’re doing

How to upgrade Tecno Camon C8 to HIOS


Do I have to unroot before flashing the zip file?

Its highly recommended to unroot before flashing such zip files

Is this the long awaited Marshmallow (Android 6.0) update for Tecno C8?

No, its not. Its a Lollipop based UI.

I got an error while updating in recovery mode, what do I do?

Ensure the phone has been unrooted, is running on stock recovery and you downloaded the correct zip file for your phone’s Build Number

This update has bugs / I don’t like it, how do I revert?

The guide at will help with that

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  1. I need help to upgrade my C8-H352-A2-L-20160118 from from lollipop to marshmallow

  2. Dear Hovatek, my build number is C8-H352-A2-L-20151207. Jst to be double sure, it’s same with H352-A2-L-20160118 right?

    • With Tecno, its not as straightforward as that. Lets take a look.

      Ideally, the latter should be an update of the former but with Tecno, they could be entirely different variants. I don’t know for sure. Ensure you backup your current before you proceed

  3. will my memory be formatted and all my files deleted? do i have to backup my files

  4. hope its well spelt out though cos i kw wot upgrade did to me the last time.

  5. hmmm..quite easy.

  6. I flash my tecno G9……since then wen I charge it the battery is not pass dan 3% pls any solution

  7. What about Tecno c5 too

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