How to upgrade Tecno Camon C8 to Android 6 (Marshmallow)

 Android 6 Marshmallow upgrade for Tecno Camon C8

Tecno finally released Marshmallow for the Tecno Camon C8. The Marshmallow update was taken down shortly after it was released because it had a lot of bugs but we have the download link for those who want to try or Mod it anyway. We’d released a guide on upgrading Tecno C8 to HIOS so you might want to give it a shot if the Marshmallow update is way too buggy for you.

How to upgrade Tecno Camon C8 to Android 6 (Marshmallow)


Do I have to unroot before flashing the zip file?

Its highly recommended to unroot before flashing such zip files

Is this the long awaited Marshmallow (Android 6.0) update for Tecno C8?

Yes, just might be a bit buggy

I got an error while updating in recovery mode, what do I do?

Ensure the phone has been unrooted, is running on stock recovery

This update has bugs / I don’t like it, how do I revert?

The guide at will help with that

Hovatek….just a button away!



  1. Hello Admin, please can you help with the link to the update? I tried the SP Flash tool marshmallow rom dump update but it’s buggy and reverting to C8-H352-A2-L-20160307 build now pops up errors ( android.process.acore)

  2. after downloading the 6.0 file i extracted and try uploading the scater file to sp flash tool it will say checksum error check checksum value and reload again i hvae downloaded the file twice now still the same thing, any solution?

  3. Hi ..what update should I download my build is 20160604

  4. Any time I try to tap the download link for tecno c8, it says error 404??
    Pls help me out. Thank you

  5. Please Hovatek am downloading the so flash tool zip file to manually update my tecno c8 with build number (c8-H352-A2-L-20160118) to 6.0 marshmallow using my PC, please am I doing the right thing? I recently update it with system update but it’s not marshmallow it’s still lollipop that’s why I want to flash it with 6.0 marshmallow. Hope am doing the right thing and am downloading the right update for my build number?

  6. I just checked and it says “your phone is in the latest version”

  7. is there an update for my build?

  8. Can’t I at least get the HiOS update?

  9. It keeps saying installation aborted because this is an “h352_et_a2” device and the update is not compatible. What do I do?

  10. Can I pls get the file for flashing with sp flash tool?

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