How to upgrade Infinix Note 2 X600 to Android 6 (Marshmallow)

how to upgrade or update Infinix Note 2 X600 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

It is no longer news that Android 6 (Marshmallow) has come to the Infinix Note 2 X600 Over The Air (OTA). This is coming just about two months after the Infinix Hot 2 X510 received the Marshmallow update. This brief guide will explain how to correctly upgrade your Infinix X600 to Marshmallow because you’ll hate yourself if you get it wrong with the X600.

What should I know before upgrading my Infinix Note 2 X600 to Android 6? 

It is important you know your phone’s build number. To know this, Navigate to Settings > About > Build number. Yours should be H532 A1, H533 A1 or H533 B1. It is important you flash firmware


for your build. Flashing a firmware for another build to your phone will cause it to go totally dead and the only way to revive your phone would be to loosen it down to the MotherBoard then make a jumper as instructed in the guide at . This procedure is a bit technical so to avoid having to go through this, stick to firmware for your Infinix X600’s build.

How do I upgrade / update the Infinix Note 2 X600 to Marshmallow? 

There are two formats of the Marshmallow update:

  1. Tcard / SDcard / OTA format
  2. SP flash tool format

How to upgrade Infinix X600 to Marshmallow using the Tcard / SDcard / OTA firmware format

How to upgrade Infinix X600 to Marshmallow using the SP flash tool firmware format

How do I root the Infinix Note 2 X600 after upgrading to Marshmallow?

See the rooting guide at

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46 thoughts on “How to upgrade Infinix Note 2 X600 to Android 6 (Marshmallow)

  1. Pls I need help…. Flashed an x600 with d stock lollipop rom and it got stuck and stopped at 98%… The H332 variant……. It’s now totally dead… D system is not even detecting it… Have been charging it but it’s not coming on at all

  2. Was trying to get it ready for d 6.0 upgrade by unrooting it…. I flashed it with system and recovery at first but it stopped detecting d sims… I tried fixing d invalid imei probs with mtk engineering but it kept saying command failed to send… So I decided to flash it with d whole firmware…. It was during this flashing that it got stuck @98% for unknown reasons… And gave an error msg… Now d phones totally dead… Not been detected at all

  3. Good day Hovatek…. Just have a little question pls…. Can a software problem make network fluctuate? A dead infinix note 2 was revived using d guide on how to make it work again… We did that and it’s working now… Just that d network fluctuates big time….and it’s been upgraded to version 6.0…Engineers have tried and tried but nothing works…. I just wanna know if software can make it behave that way… So I’ll downgrade it back to lollipop or any other thing that can make it work… Pls help me

  4. Pls I have phone with me it my cousin own x600 just like mine am on marshmallow got ota update on mine but my cousin own is not seeing ota pls help his version is x600-H533-B1-L-20160120.

  5. Please I rooted my Note 2 and I have unrooted it, which enabled me to download the update but it crashed while installing. How do I fix this?

  6. Please I haven’t received Any OTA update and am stuck with lollipop.
    Also I can’t see my build number anywhere on update packages.

    Build number is x600-H533-B1-L-20160120.

  7. Hi
    Build number is x600-H533-B1-L-20160120.I install the marshmallow Update from TCard But after installing XOS chameleon is display after rebooting and nothing is shown except XOS.
    what problem occur how to resolve this.

  8. Hi
    i have infinix note 2 x600 LTE Build number is x600-H533-B1-L-20160120.I install the marshmallow Update from TCard But after installing update only display XOS and when power off the mobile it restart and same XOS is displaying nothing else.
    How to resolve this issue.

  9. hi,

    i have a rooted phone. note 2 lte. i have d rom to uograde via sp flashtool but i have tried and tried the spflashtool is not seeing my phone when connected… i have disabled signature on win 8, install vcom driver.

    what can i do pls?

    1. Must be a problem with your driver setup or the way you’re connecting to PC.
      Have you registered at our Forum?

  10. Hello, I’m using an infinix Note 2..X600-H533-A1-L.. And I can’t find any marshmallow update for my device, any help will be most welcomed.

  11. Yo, I have the x600 h533 A1 infinix variant. I flashed the stock firmware but now I cant turn wifi Bluetooth nor FM Radio on yet and gives no error. The IMEI also appears as ‘Unknown’ for both sim, Before flashing the stock rom the sim were working alright, even with 3G, but the other Wifi Bluetooth and FM radio weren’t working. Now after flash tried using the SN writer supplied with the firmware but I get this error .
    Tried Maui Meta 3G but gives the error I didn’t back up the nvram before flash rom, slipped on that one. Well, you gurus is there anything can help to fix this sh*t! Please. 🙂

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