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How to upgrade Infinix Hot 2 X510 to Android 6 Marshmallow

how to upgrade infinix hot 2 x510 to Marshmallow

Infinix has released Marshmallow (Android 6) for the Infinix Hot 2 (X510) . This update requires the phone to be running on stock ROM (not rooted) and also on stock recovery. Reverting the phone to unrooted state (stock ROM) and stock recovery isn’t difficult but the challenge most people have with the Infinix X510 is booting this phone into stock recovery since Volume up + Power and ADB don’t work. In this guide, We’ll be showing you how to bypass these restrictions and successfully upgrade your Infinix Hot 2 X510 to Marshmallow.

* Note: Ensure your phone’s battery is over 50% before you proceed

Is the Marshmallow update meant for the X510 1GB or 2GB RAM version?

It is meant for both variants.

How do I upgrade the Infinix Hot 2 X510 to Android 6 (Marshmallow)?

There are two methods you could use:

Method A: OTA update

  • Ensure the phone is not rooted and is running on stock recovery (see the procedure on how to return to stock ROM below)
  • On the phone, navigate to Settings > About > System updates > Tap Check for update
  • Download and install all the OTA updates you get till the Marshmallow update pops up
  • Wait till the update is downloaded, it should be about 640MB
  • Tap Restart & Install
  • The phone should reboot into recovery, update then reboot normally

how to do an OTA update on Infinix X510 Hot 2 Mediatek Android

Note that the update is currently rolling out and might not be available for your device as at the time of this publication.

Method B: Manual (stock recovery)

adb devices
adb reboot recovery

  • You should now see an Android icon on the phone with No Command written
  • First press the Power button then the Volume up button and release both at the same time
  • You should now be in Stock recovery
  • In stock recovery, you use the Volume up button to navigate up, Volume down button to navigate down and Power button to select
  • While in stock recovery, tap Apply update from SD card
  • Navigate to the location of the OTA zip and select it
  • Wait till flashing is complete (takes quite some time so don’t interrupt)
  • Tap Reboot system now to reboot the phone
  • Once the phone boots up completely, navigate to Settings > About to confirm that the Infinix Hot 2 X510 phone has been successfully upgraded to Marshmallow (Android 6).

Hovatek….just a button away!

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  1. After updating my infinix hot 2 to Android M, my mtk droid tools couldn’t detect my fone no more, and am using the very latest version, if this is a driver problem can u guys gimme links to download better drivers, if it isn’t , then what can I do? Thanks.

  2. I was using a rooted phone but had to flash back stock ROM 5.1 for hot 2. this was to enable me upgrade to Marshmallow via OTA. NOW i have downloaded the update 624mb android M but i tried to flash it but failed severally. The flashed back stock ROM however boots into stock recovery without difficulty. These was the feedback i got from trying to flash android M using stock recovery. : partition not matched. Update aborted.
    When i tried adb sideload the feedback was error unpacking package. Meanwhile i have downloaded the update twice from two different sites. Plz i need help.

  3. How come my update is 835mb and everyone own is 6something, anyways, how do I unroot the fone.. I rooted with twrp SuperSU.

  4. OK….. From experience and research, I ve been using the 6.0 update, if it still on 5.1 and u haven’t gotten the update, make sure u download the Android one ROM of build 2015 December, and this is the builds that support direct/manual installation of the MM Update, (201512xx) bcos build of 201508xx and 201510xx) doesn’t support manual installation…
    So if u have a December build go ahead and do the manual installation with stock recovery and u mustn’t be rooted, or u can just check for system update which is much more easier,
    If u wanna root 6.0 use Chainfire systemless root method i.e. by flashing BetaSuperSu v2.66zip..( after installing this, twrp recovery will ask if u wanna install SuperSU, but pls, don’t install, just reboot and ull be rooted)
    If u evr wanna unroot ur 6.0 its pretty easy, simply do a factory reset and all SuperSU files will be gone..
    I wud talk later on the Xposed zip to install..
    Hope this was helpful.?

  5. @method 2…what if d phone already runs on d updated lollipop version already… Can I go ahead and install d 6.0 update?

  6. I rooted with kingroot… How do I unroot…

  7. I tried Melvins trick but was still not possible. Seems like we’ll have to wait for the OTA release in Kenya. No 6.0 in Kenya and manual update failed.

  8. I flashed the ROM from this site; the one linked in this tutorial. But when I go to system update, it tells me that my system is up to date. What then do I do?

    My data is capped at 3gb o

    • The guide has just been updated. Follow method 2, it ought to work for you this time around

      • My build number is X510-5110-Andriodone-20151208 but any attempt to upgrade to marshmallow 6.0 has terribly failed. It shows the message PACKAGE EXPECTS BUILD FINGERPRINT OF INFINIX X510…………

        Installation aborted.
        The device is not rooted and I have been able to install four OTA updates including the 64 mb and 10 mb updates after flashing. However, I am not still enjoying the sweet taste of Android 6.0

  9. Good morning, I tried to flash my infinix hot 2 stock recovery so that i can install the marshmallow update both sp flashtool and infinix flashtool don’t respond and when i unplug the phone, I get error 2005. i have installed vcom drivers and tried using 3 different systems but I get the same result. It was rooted using kingroot but I unrooted it. please help me update my phone

  10. Boss the infinix hot2 6.0 will request to format as portable or internal storage? Which one should we keep the SD card? I discovered that even after changing my default write disk to SD card every folder of my apps including every activities I carried are stored in the internal memory instead of in the SD card. Pls help me

    • Your SD card is the portable storage.
      Newer Android phones take the internal storage as primary. You could swap them

      • How do I swap it cos I have gone to setting and under storage and usb, I have change default write disk to SD card yet the issue still persist …all my files, apps folder still goes and stored in internal memory then there is an option under memory card that says format as internal storage .if u should do that all apps folder and activities will be stored in the SD card but u will unable to view the phone internal storage even in the pc, the phone internal memory will not display except only d SD card which is now acting and working as internal and external memory

  11. Boss what is the used of flashing modified and unmodified preloader and i.k bin ?

  12. What about the tecno c5

  13. What about tecno c5

  14. Please, can I use Infinix flash tool to flash the X510-D5110-Androidone-20151012 firmware?. My second question is if I should use the Infinix flash tool will I be able to install marshmallow successfully?

  15. Boss have you solved the internal storage problem?

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