How to update Tecno Phantom 6 Plus to Nougat using Tcard

A few days ago, we announced the release of Nougat for the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus with Build Number A9-H971A-N1-170725V72 .

Quite a number of Tecno Phantom 6 Plus users have been having serious difficulty updating because the server (where the Tecno A9 OTA is located) is very slow. Some have had to go through 24 – 48 hours of extremely slow downloading only to end up with an error… yes, its that bad.

Team Hovatek has been able to obtain the Tecno A9-H971A-N1-170725V72, which was extracted from a working Tecno Phantom 6 Plus after successfully downloading the Nougat OTA file. This is the Tcard format which you can easily install offline (without needing an internet connection) from your SD card.

What is the advantage of this Tcard

One problem with OTA updates is that if an error occurs during download or installation, you’ll have to start the download process all over. Also, if you have any reason to downgrade your Android phone to Marshmallow (after having successfully updated), you’ll have to go through the OTA download process all over….again. This is both time and data intensive isn’t it?

Here lies the obvious advantage of having the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus (A9) Tcard offline; you can install it anytime you want without having to expend data.

What to do before updating Tecno Phantom 6 Plus to Nougat

Before updating your Tecno Phantom 6 Plus (A9) from Marshmallow (Android 6) to Nougat (Android 7) using this Tcard, ensure that:

How to update Tecno Phantom 6 Plus to Nougat using Tcard

Proof of Tecno Phantom 6 Plus successfully updated to Nougat


  1. Can I unroot my phantom 6 plus to the original state

  2. Good afternoon. I have been trying the update and followed your steps. But it keeps giving installation aborted and telling me to continue the installation. Then I select the file and it keeps showing installation aborted. Please I need further assistance.

    • Hope you unzipped the .7z file you downloaded from here first. You’re supposed to place in your SD card (which is obtained after unzipping the file you download here), not the .7z file

  3. Am Really Thank You For Ur Helping Guide to Upgrade Android 6 to Nougat /Android 7.1.1/ It Takes Me Only 13 Minutes To Complete the Process, I Update My Tecno Phantom 6+ Using SD card and Ur Step by Step Guide. God Bless You Guys.

    From East Africa – Ethiopia.

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