How to share an internet connection / data plan / megabytes between Android and PC


The Android phone and PC (for a lot of people) are still major consumers of megabytes compared to the Blackberry’s data consumption. For those who have both an Android phone and a PC, there comes the challenge of having to subscribe for data plans on both, which is an extra cost. With this guide, you’ll learn how to share your data plan (megabytes) between your Android phone and PC once you subscribe for a data plan on either.

Why are Android and PC data plans so expensive compared to the Blackberry plans?

Put yourself in XYZ service provider’s shoes. Lets say group A use Androids, group P use PCs while group B use Blackberries. Now, XYZ sells 100MB valid for 7 days to each member of all groups at the same price. From experience (excluding media downloads):

Here’s the business part; If the unused megabytes from the 100MB will expire in 7 days then XYZ makes more money when someone pays for 100MB but doesn’t use it up before it expires. Here’s the interesting part. Question: Why not just sell data to all device types at the same rate and make the extra profit from those who don’t use up their megabytes before expiry date? Answer: “Not good enough” says XYZ. ” Lets play a prank on these device users instead. Lets make Blackberry data plans cheap so people will rush the Blackberry due of the cheap data plans but still end up not using up to half of what they pay for. We can sell data plans for PC and Android devices at higher rates because they’ll likely finish up their megabytes before expiry date; after-all, their devices will use up their megabytes for them if they don’t know how to manage or use them.”

Will my browsing experience be slower while sharing data between two devices?

Yes, you should expect a slower browsing experience when sharing a data plan (megabytes) between multiple devices but not in all cases. If you are in an area of good signal and all sharing devices are optimized for reduced data consumption (see links to the guides above) then you shouldn’t experience a significantly slower internet connection when sharing megabytes between multiple devices.

Will the megabytes be consumed faster when sharing data between multiple devices?

No. Only what each device uses is deducted. As earlier stated , if each device on the shared network is optimized to consume less data then the rate of data consumption should be minimal.

Is there a threat of virus spreading among the devices sharing the data plan / megabytes of one device ?

Yes, there is such a threat. There are Malware specially created to penetrate and spread through networks. Ensure your device has a good antivirus.

What do I need to share an internet connection / data plan / megabytes between an Android phone and a PC?

You only need devices which have WI-FI (wireless) capability. If you’re using a PC or Android without WI-FI then you’ll need a USB cord (although the wireless method is recommended because it allows you share your internet connection / data plan / megabytes between more than two devices).

How do I share an Android phone’s internet connection / data plan / megabytes with a PC?

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There are two methods you could use:

1. Wireless Tethering (WI-FI hotspot)

  • On the Android device, go to Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot
  • Set WI-FI hotspot to ON
  • Click WI-FI hotspot
  • Click Set up WI-FI hotspot
  • Set the Network SSID to any name you want
  • Change the password to a preferred one
  • Click save
  • Connect to the newly created WI-FI network on your other device then supply the password

2. USB Tethering

  • Connect the Android device to the PC using a USB cord
  • On the Android device, go to Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot
  • Tick the box in front of USB tethering
  • Wait for your PC to detect an internet connection
  • If you’re having difficulty with this then download PdaNet on your PC

How do I share a PC’s internet connection / data plan / megabytes with other devices?

  • Download Connectify hotspot
  • Install and launch connectify
  • Supply a name, password and internet sharing method then click start
  • Connect to the newly created WI-FI hotspot on the other device then supply the password

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