How to root stubborn Android 5.0 Lollipop Mediatek phones using TWRP or CWM recovery

The new Mediatek (MTK) devices running on Android 5 (Lollipop) have proven difficult for our favorite One-Click Root apps to successfully root. Pending when these apps will be updated with the necessary exploits to do the job, Team Hovatek has been busy providing an alternative method; TWRP and CWM.

How do I root my MTK Android 5 (Lollipop) phone using TWRP or CWM recovery?

The procedure is the same for all the phone models listed below (and other Lollipop MTK phones not listed), the recovery image used is just what varies.


  • If your phone model is not listed below and you would like us to port a custom recovery for your phone then drop your request as a comment below
  • Only flash a custom recovery ported for your exact phone model


how to prevent stock recovery from replacing twrp recovery

  • In TWRP / CWM recovery, tap Install
  • Navigate to the location of the SuperSU zip file you downloaded and select it
  • Swipe or Select Yes to confirm flashing
  • Reboot the phone once flashing is complete
  • Install Root Checker to verify that the phone is rooted

List of TWRP / CWM recovery images for Lollipop Mediatek phones ported by Team Hovatek

* If your phone is not listed then request by posting a comment below

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179 thoughts on “How to root stubborn Android 5.0 Lollipop Mediatek phones using TWRP or CWM recovery

  1. hi
    please give updates for my gionee m2 (rom 8gb) phone ,recently i updated my my mobile from jellybean to kitkat, now my mobile i am using kitkat verison, please give update for my Gionee M2 i will be very greatfull to you Sir.
    with Regard’s
    Parakala Srinivasa Reddy

          1. Never mind bro already downloaded it from your site..thanks a million…I downloaded the super su for infinix 510/5.1…but it din work for marshmallow 6.0….am i to download the su for marsh again? Or they are same?

  2. I followed the steps but when I want to boot to twrp mode using vol up+power button it keeps taking me back to tecno boot logo, am using camon c8, please assist. Thanks 08036200282

      1. I flashed both new and old twrp, variant 1 and 2, all to no avail, please assist as am so frustrated with inability to root my tecno camon c8.

          1. Still same because I already installed OTA and flashed twrp before chatting you but yet no way out. Please help

    1. We would gladly help port a custom recovery. Do you have the scatter file, boot.img and recovery.img from the phone’s firmware?

  3. I have downloaded tecno camon c8 stock rom variant 2 and also use sp flash tool to flash it and also flash twrp but yet I can’t access the twrp mode to install supersu zip file, whenever I flash the twrp and want to boot to custom recovery using volume up button and power it will just power on the phone, please help great team, I can’t access my stock recovery neither custom recovery . Please help. My number on what’s app 08026700152.

      1. Yes sir, it flashed very well and it’s working perfectly. But still can’t go into twrp, always booting normal after I flash twrp

          1. I have already Installed the OTA, am still thesame person on the upper chat With same subject, I have a PC And the latest version of sp flash tool I downloaded from your site. Please guilde me on the next step.

          2. OTA is installed already. I have also tried flashing variant 2 twrp after that but still can’t get access to custom recovery.

          3. Mtk droid tool not recognizing my device, but I have installed mediatek drivers using pda +net,I believe my blog drivers is automatically installed since it’s a working phone, how can I remedy this?

          4. You dont need mtk droid tools.
            You’ll get the blocksmap info from the scatter file.
            Open the scatter file using notepad++ and locate the recovery part. You’ll use physical_start_address for start and partition_size for length. At the guide, you’re to use method A which is for readback of a single file

        1. Ok. We’re currently working on your type of recovery image. It’s the same type as Gionee S7.
          Let’s have your whatsapp number

  4. The twrp recovery isn’t coming on whenever I boot into recovery of my InnJoo max 2 plus. I’ve successfully flashed the recovery as instructed in the above procedure, but still bringing the original recovery mode of the phone whenever I boot into recovery. Pls help.

          1. Yes, I’ve already rooted the phone with kingroot, but I still need the custom recovery. Has the twrp recovery worked for any other max 2 plus user?

  5. I’ve used rashr too, it’s still the same. I also tried flashing cwm recovery with MTK Droid tools, I still can’t get custom recovery. Maybe I should also try flashify as suggested. Thnks for the attention.

  6. Hi everyone, I have problems rooting my tecno c5. I followed every steps but when I finished flashing the TWRP recovery and tried to boot in the recovery mode, it showed some kind of Chinese recovery. So I am asking myself why I can’t boot the TWRP recovery I just flashed.

    Please help me.

      1. I tried them both, none of these combination is giving me access to TWRP menu. VOLUME_DOWN + power is giving me access to a recovery menu in Chinese language (seems like stock recovery) and VOLUME_UP + Power shows an android logo with no navigable menu. One thing is sure none of them is the TWRP recovery menu.
        Anything else I can do?

          1. I already tried that. I flashed twice and booted into recovery I still got the stock recovery, I even tried flashing it three times… I’m just wondering what is different with that phone. I’m using android 5.0.2 could this be the reason??

          2. So glad I am. Successfully got my tecno c5 rooted with the new KingRoot app. Installed the TWRP custom recovery ported by team hovatek and finally successfully flashed xposed framework through TWRP recovery. Thank you for your support and your time.

  7. Hi Hovatek! I have a MLS IqTab Marine tablet which is the same as Teclast p80h i think.. with a MTK MT8163 and Android 5.1. Could you please help me on how to root this device?

          1. Thank you for replying! My internet connection is fine. How can i flash and where can i find a custom recovery for my device?

      1. I have tried everything i could find actually but nothing worked. If you have any idea of what i could do to root my device i would really appreciate it

  8. Hello I would love to have twrp or cwm recovery for Wiko Highway Star 4G (Android 5.1 / MT6752).
    I already have root (Kingroot) but all Recovery guides I tried are not working.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi, I’d like to install T.W.R.P.
    Please let me know the direction.
    My device is Teclast P80h version D4C6
    MT8163, lollipop 5.1
    Thank you.

  10. Hovatek… I must say great job you all are doing to make us enjoy the world of technology.

    Please i need TWRP/CWM for
    Android 6.0

    And how to get it rooted… Thanks

  11. Mr havotek, i could not find the stock rom and recovery.img of my phone online, wiko lenny 3….
    So what do we do?

  12. Please port twrp recovery for my Intex aqua ace 2 with Intex_Aqua_Ace_2_V07_Indian_SER. If you want the recovery image, I can send you. Thank you in anticipation.

        1. Please Hovatek, help me! I need a Custom Recovery (TWRP or even CWM) for my MLS iQTab Joy (IQ1804_5) Tablet that runs Android 5.1.1 and which is UN-rootable by Kingroot, KingoRoot, iRoot, SRSRoot, TowelRoot, Framaroot, Universalandroot, Root Genius, Cydia Impactor, BaiduRoot, OneClickRoot and many more! As I have NO Root Access, and the StockROM is nowhere to be found, I can’t provide you with a valid MT8163_Android_scatter.txt file for my device. Even the latest version of MTK Droid Tools does NOT work, despite I have all the needed drivers installed! I have a fast Internet Connection by the way! If you manage to provide me a working custom recovery (TWRP or CWM), soon, I promise to donate money to you! REALLY! Only condition is, that Custom Recovery has to be able to work flawlessly on my device, in order to enable me to flash through it, the SuperSU (to gain Root Access). Thanks a million, in advance & please help me!

  13. Is the root for Teclast p80h available? I have seen some comments above with people asking for it.
    My device is Teclast P80h version D4C6
    MT8163, lollipop 5.1

  14. Dear friend Hovatek,

    After a MILLION efforts, I have managed to ROOT this MLS iQTab Joy, that was SO stubborn to rooting!!! Can you please help me UNLOCK its Bootloader (IF needed!!!), and create a CWM or TWRP Recovery for it?

    It has Ubifs and I can NOT pull the Stock Recovery in .img format somehow, unless ADB or Terminal Emulator can do that!!! Flashify failed, Rashr failed, FlashFire failed, and so on…. Easy TWRP Magic Creator, managed to produce a TWRP .img file, for me to flash, but I just can’t flash it, somehow!!! And that’s ignoring the fact that I am a little bit scared, since I do NOT have a valid copy of the STOCK Recovery!!!! Please help me!!!!

  15. please i need root file for this sony v10 copy it runs version 5, this the builder number a831_324_ax_cht_v10_welcome_v1.3_20160317154402

  16. Please I need a custom recovery for Intex Cloud Tread (5.1)
    Tried with the auto CWM in MTK Droid Tools, but it just wouldn’t load.
    I will send you the necessary *.img files and scatter text. Tried everything, this thing just won’t let me root it.

  17. Hey , can you create a custom recovery either cwm or twrp for my Winds V6. I have the stock recovery.img .

    My whatsapp : +60174843523

  18. Can you make a custom recovery for my Winds V6.I have stock recovery.img and
    I have MT6735M chipset
    My whatsapp : +60174843523

  19. Pls hovatech port twrp for itel s11..
    Love you all…
    You the best tech team…
    Wish we could meet in person..

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