How to load a Blackberry 10 OS using Autoloader

how to use Blackberry autoloader

In my previous articles on fixing nuked Blackberry devices (refer to and upgrading a Blackberry OS (, I talked only briefly about such procedures on Blackberry 10 devices. This tutorial will focus on fixing / upgrading a Blackberry 10 device’s OS using the Autoloader technique.

What is an Autoloader?

An Autoloader is an offline OS installer which enables you load or flash the OS to a Blackberry 10 device offline (without needing an internet connection). The Autoloader file runs into Gigabytes in size and is a smarter technique over the OTA method when multiple devices are involved or you would want to repeat the procedure in the nearest future.

Can I load just any Autoloader to my phone?

No. You best get the Autoloader for the exact model and variant of your phone.

Note that:

  • All Z10 variants (STL100-2, -3, -4) are the same except for STL100-1.
  • All Z30 variants (STA100-x) are the same.
  • All Q5 (SQR100-x) and Q10 (SQN100-x) variants are the same.

How do I check my phone’s model and model number?

To do this, navigate to System Settings > About. Another method is to take out the battery and look behind the phone’s plate.

What do I need to successfully use the Autoloader method?

  • The Autoloader.exe file for Windows. Mac users can use Bootcamp
  • A Windows / Mac PC
  • USB cord
  • The Blackberry 10 device

Is there anything I need to do before running the Autoloader.exe?


  • Ensure you have sufficient battery on the PC to avoid an interruption
  • Use a good USB cord and port to avoid an interruption
  • Double-check to be sure that the Autoloader is for your exact model and variant
  • Backup the phone (if possible) using Blackberry Link

How do I load a Blackberry 10 OS using Autoloader?

1. Download the correct Autoloader for your phone model and variant

2. Run the Autoloader.exe as Administrator if you can

how to load a blackberry OS using autoloader

3. Once Autoloader comes up, you should see “Connecting to Bootrom:_”

how to load a blackberry OS using autoloader

4. Connect the phone (with a battery in it) to the PC via USB cord and wait for Autoloader to detect  it

how to load a blackberry OS using autoloader

5. Once the phone gets detected, flashing should begin and the phone should have a green LED light (wait till it gets to 100)

how to load a blackberry OS using autoloader

6. The phone will auto reboot (could do so several times) once Autoloader is finished and then boot up to the setup screen

My Blackberry 10 device is in a bootloop after installing / upgrading the OS using Autoloader, what do I do?

This is quite normal after using the loader, just give it some time and it’ll boot up. Ensure to charge the battery using an external charger incase its drained. If the bootloop persists for more than 30 minutes then re-run Autoloader or try using another Autoloader file.

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22 thoughts on “How to load a Blackberry 10 OS using Autoloader

        1. My device was BB Q10 SQN-100 3
          I first tried using the BlackBerry 10.3.1 SQN100-3 Auto loader to flash the device ,but it failed.(Red LED blinking continuously).
          Next I downloaded the Q10 SQN100-1/2/3/4/5/6/7 ran the exe has administrator and connected the device. In a few minutes the flashing Red LED stopped and the OS was loaded but regrettably it went back to square one but this time i at least had a working device instead of unusable RED LED blinking.
          Pen-ultimately I downloaded Q5/Q10 SQN100-1/2/3/4/5/6/7 and ran the the exe has an administrator again. The device rebooted and when prompted to enter the BBID ,it once again failed because of the anti theft feature being enabled.
          As a final try I once again ran the BlackBerry 10.3.1 SQN100-3 Auto loader and connected the device to the computer when prompted. The usual auto loader stuff ran and the device rebooted. To my surprise when I entered a new BBID and password at the prompt it surprising worked and I ran through the initial steps to setup the device to be used.
          Hopefully this helps. If you need further explanation please get in touch on [email protected] .



  1. Hey everytime i open up auto loader the command prompt opens and closes tried a bunch of different ones online. Any clue why? Cant get past step 1 connecting to bootroom.

    1. Hi , I had this exact problem on my laptop , I connected to my desktop computer and it simply worked,only then I realized that my computer had BB link already installed but not there on the laptop.
      I suggest you check for the same. If it still doesn’t work even with BB Link installed , try on another computer.


  2. Please need help.. from yesterday my blackberry passport facing problem of black screen and red light blinking its not turning o. i was wiping off the phone and first it got into bb015 error and now its current problem black screen with led red light blinking. i tried every possible way through auto laoders and through bb link. auto loaders are opening and suddenly shutting down and through bblink its coming till extracting software and suddenly getting disconnect by displaying msg cannot reload the device.

  3. Good day. Pls I mistakenly downloaded autoloader 3.11.0 to downgrade my z10 cos I couldn’t remember the bb id n password. While loading it when it had gotten to 43, there was power cut and now it just blinks the red light 3times pauses for 2seconds then blinks 2times and it repeats that process continously. Pls how can I solve this problem?

  4. looks great but the autoloader doesn’t recognize my z10….cant see it. I held the power button down until I get 2 red flashes, but nothing happens to the Bootrom prompt. (my phone will not turn on) Have tried pulling battery etc etc

      1. I sent a text that didn’t seem to send so I plugged it in but it didn’t seem to be charging. the charger was working so I assumed that I just couldn’t see the tiny battery on the screen. when I came back the phone was dead. does this help?

  5. thanks alot for this method. I have try this method successfully and the phone is not coming up. is blinking the red light, please help!

  6. My Blackberry Classic is not booting. It is completely dead. Only sign of life. When I insert the USB cable light turn green forsome minutes. Than it dissapears. Neither Windows nor BB Link recognize that the device is plugged in.

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