How to fix Windows stuck at Preparing Automatic Repair

How to fix Windows stuck at Preparing Automatic Repair

You might not yet have experienced this issue but if you’re a heavy or careless Laptop / Desktop PC user then brace yourself. Its one of those warning shots / suicide notes which your PC uses to try inform you that something major might be around the corner, and you’re not helping matters. You would usually get this error message upon boot.

What could cause the Preparing Automatic Repair error?

The most common causes of this error message are:

  • Crashed / fried Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Crashed Operating System (OS)
  • Corrupted OS file(s)
  • Faulty / incompatible driver(s)
  • Peripheral hardware errors
  • Rogue processes
  • Virus / Malware

I always get “Automatic Repair could not be completed or failed” with a Blue Screen, why?

You would get this in most cases, even if you attempt using a Windows CD/DVD/USB. This scenario mostly points at either a corrupted / missing OS file or a faulty Hard Disk. The blue screen is synonymous with the .

How can I fix the Preparing Automatic Repair error?

When faced with such, consider the following approaches:

What precautions can I take to prevent a re-occurrence?

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