How to fix the “Please enter the username associated with this smartphone” error in Blackberry World


So you just bought or got a Blackberry as a gift and are eager to start downloading apps. On attempting to login at Blackberry World, you get the “Please enter the username associated with this smartphone” error message. The error message means that the Blackberry in question already has a Blackberry ID associated with it. In plain English, someone else had logged in with his / her Blackberry ID before you.

Will I still be able to make use of the Blackberry?

Yes, of course. All phone functions except branded Blackberry apps will still be fully functional.

Does this imply that it might be a fairly used or stolen Blackberry?

Not necessarily, but the phone obviously isn’t brand new. On second thought, The OS might have been upgraded (See how to upgrade Blackberry OS @—upgrade-or-update-a-Blackberry-Operating-System–OS–to-a-prefered-version/) and user data accidentally restored to it.

What other apps will I be unable to use?

All other apps except branded Blackberry apps which require Blackberry ID for authentication (like Blackberry World, BBM, Blackberry Protect etc) will work just fine for you. The Blackberry ID thing just means Blackberry thinks the Blackberry smartphone belongs to the person who logged in with his/her Blackberry ID.

Is there an alternative method / way to install Blackberry apps without using Blackberry World

Yes, there are two methods:

What is a Blackberry ID?

That’s a very good question to ask at this point. Blackberry ID means Blackberry Identity. Your Blackberry username and password gives you access to Blackberry websites,apps and services. It helps you synchronize your information with your computer and restore to the same or another Blackberry device when needed.

Do I have to create a different Blackberry ID for each of my Blackberry devices?

No you don’t. One Blackberry ID can be used for all your Blackberry Devices.

What is the function of a Blackberry ID?

With your Blackberry ID, you can easily sync media and documents between your Blackberry device and computer for later restore on the same Blackberry device or another. You can also use:

  • Blackberry World: Lets you download Blackberry apps and save them to your World to get updates when available
  • Blackberry Messenger: Lets you communicate with your friends in real time, share photos, files and videos
  • Blackberry Protect: Lets you use a computer to locate of wipe your lost Blackberry device
  • Blackberry Link: Lets you synchronize and organize content between your Blackberry 10 device and computer
  • Print To Go: Lets you wirelessly and securely send digital printouts to your Blackberry PlayBook tablet or Blackberry 10 device
  • Documents To Go: Lets you view and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Blackberry developer account: The Blackberry Vendor Portal now uses Blackberry ID for authentication

How do I create a Blackberry ID?

Creating a Blackberry ID is easy, just visit, fill the form and submit. Note that you’ll be required to provide a valid and accessible email address to confirm your Blackberry account.

How do I recover / retrieve my lost Blackberry ID password?

To do a Blackberry ID password reset, visit , supply your email address, enter the image verification then click submit. You should get an email with further instructions on how to reset your Blackberry ID password.

How do I fix the “Please enter the username associated with this smartphone” error?

You need to delete Blackberry ID from the Blackberry. Fear not, it wont crash your Blackberry (See how to fix a crashed, nuked or damaged Blackberry OS @—repair-a-corrupt–nuked-or-crashed-Blackberry-Operating-System-Software–OS–/). To delete Blackberry ID:

On a Blackberry running OS 7:

On a Blackberry running OS 6:

  • Open ‘Options’
  • Select ‘Device’
  • Select ‘Application management’
  • In the list, select ‘Blackberry Identity’ and click ‘Delete’
  • You can optionally select ‘Blackberry World’ and click ‘Delete’
  • Reboot the Blackberry device
  • You may re-install Blackberry World via the native browser.

On a Blackberry running OS 5:

  • Open ‘Options’
  • Select ‘Applications’
  • Select ‘Add-on’ at the top
  • Select ‘Blackberry Identity’ then click ‘Delete’
  • You can optionally select ‘Blackberry World’ and click ‘Delete’
  • Reboot the Blackberry device
  • You may re-install Blackberry World via the native browser.

See the Video tutorial below

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