How to fix disappearing contacts on an Android phone

how to fix an android phone whose contacts keep disappearing

The Android platform makes contacts backup, retrieval and management very easy. I’d previously discussed how to recover your accidentally deleted Android contacts (see but this case is different because your contacts keep vanishing once saved or recovered to your phone.

Why do my contacts keep disappearing?

When it comes to missing Android contacts, your first line of action should be to check your contacts display settings to be sure you haven’t accidentally hidden your contacts (Contacts > Menu button > Contacts to display ). This case is however different as your contacts simply vanish despite all attempts at saving them to your phone.

Common causes of this issue are:

  • Buggy ROM: The ROM on the phone might be corrupted or buggy
  • Google Contacts Sync problems:  Google Contacts Sync might have crashed
  • Corrupted phone storage: The phone storage might be corrupted
  • Interfering contacts management application: An installed contacts management app might be misbehaving or overriding your settings
  • Storage limit exceeded: If you exhaust the maximum number of contacts which your SIM card or phone can take then you won’t be able to add more contacts

How do I stop my Android contacts from disappearing?

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If you just can’t get your contacts to remain on your Android phone then consider the following fixes:

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7 comments on “How to fix disappearing contacts on an Android phone

Kevin Sijenyi

I have a Itel 1407 handset,the phone is not showing contacts,i have flashed but the problem is still the same.not showing contacts,any suggestion or lead please


Have you signed into your google account on the phone?

Kevin Sijenyi

yes i have signed


Have you synced your google contacts under Settings > Account?

Kevin Sijenyi

yes i have ,still no contacts to show


Go to the Contacts application and launch it. Press the Menu button. Select Contacts to display.
Tell me what it’s currently set to

Anyiatse Timothy

I always have same problem with my disappearing


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