How to fix Android applications disappearing after reboot

How to fix Android applications disappearing after reboot

If you’re crazy about Android modding then there are quite a number of issues you’re bound to encounter (there’s no escaping them). I named one of my Android phones “Lazarus” because it was once dead beyond most of my hope but I managed to resurrect it; and learnt A LOT. Modding  does come at a price but I would say its well worth it. Imagine seeing your app drawer filled with your precious collection of Android apps and then you’re prompted to reboot after doing some modding; only for you to see an empty home screen / app drawer upon boot.  These ‘Harry Houdini’ apps are our focus in this tutorial.

Why do my apps disappear after I reboot my Android phone?

This often happens to apps installed to the SD card. Common causes on this issue are:

  • Launcher issues
  • Corrupted SD card
  • Unmounted SD card
  • Slow or lagging Android phone
  • Improperly partitioned SD card
  • Corrupted system or data partitions

Where did my apps go?

Nowhere mostly! If you check Settings > Apps > All, you’ll most likely see the missing apps listed. This tells you they’re still installed, its just their shortcuts on your home screen / app drawer that went missing or weren’t loaded. If on the other hand they aren’t listed under Settings > Apps > All then you’re looking at a firmware / storage issue issue.

How do I fix the problem Android applications disappearing after reboot?

How do I speed up a slow or lagging Android phone?

Simply follow this guide on

Hovatek….just a button away!

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