How to fix 3G or 4G constantly dropping to 2G or Edge on an MTK Android phone

how to set an MTK Android phone to 3G only

It could be very frustrating rocking 3G or 4G only for that to be replaced by the dreaded Edge. It would’ve been understandable if this happened once a while but a constant tanking (dropping without rising) from 3G / 4G to Edge is not fun in any way.

Why does my 3G / 4G keep dropping to Edge

Possible reasons you could be experiencing this are:

  • Poor signal reception (network): The reception in your area might be poor or down
  • Surfing via a proxy: Using proxy APNs / tweaks could affect what signal your phone gets (data capping)
  • Phone settling for stability: Your MTK Android phone tends to settle for the more stable signal strength and might take longer (than you would want) to refresh

How do I revert to 3G or 4G from Edge?

Once the 3G or 4G signal is strong / stable enough, you should resume receiving it. If this however takes too long then you could speed it up by enabling then disabling Airplane mode under Settings > More > Airplane mode. Soft rebooting (restarting) and Hard rebooting (taking out the battery) could help. You should also consider changing your location.

How can I stop the constant tanks from 3G / 4G to Edge?

One technique that works for me is to set the phone to WCDMA only instead of GSM/WCDMA (since Edge is useless to me anyway).

Warning! Do not do this in an area without 3G or 4G as it would mean no signal.

There are two ways you could do this:

1. Under Mobile networks settings

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap More
  • Tap Mobile networks
  • Tap 3G service
  • Tap Network Mode
  • Set to WCDMA only
  • Your signal will go off then come back on

how to set an MTK Android phone to WCDMA only

2. In MTK Engineering mode

how to set an MTK Android phone to wcdma only in MTK Engineering

Hovatek….just a button away!

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12 comments on “How to fix 3G or 4G constantly dropping to 2G or Edge on an MTK Android phone


need sptool for techno y3s


I will give it a trial and see how it helps.


For me this trick never worked for me on Airtel !!!
I have 3g in my area right now I am commenting with it
but when I set it to “wcdma only” mode
any network doesn’t come up
yeah I have poor signal of Airtel though


my device is micromax canvas a1 (android one India )
I don’t have same device but
I downloaded sp flash tools flashable
stock firmware and fully flashed
but still didn’t worked
( sorry for not replying the same comment, due to some problems )


Did you get any error or flashing was successful?


Nope I have flashed stock firmware maybe 20 or more times
but never got any problem/error


Are you saying the phone is dead or its having 3G issues?


no man !!!
my phone is working fine
you asked if i had ever faced any error
while flashing stock firmware with sp flash tools
so i said that “no, i never faced any error while flashing”


So you’re only having 3G issues right?


Must I root my phone to b able to do it


Not necessarily


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